Thank goodness it’s the Weekend 🐾

Toby was back at school on Friday night for his Talent Taster class.

It was such fun – this weeks class was introduction to competitive obedience.

90A23335-8F98-4BC5-9B12-AA26205BBD1ASo Toby is pretty good at his obedience training and loves learning new things – yesterday was really interesting and has given us lots of things to practice at home, including pivoting! 😂 We’ve got one more Talent Taster class next week which me and Toby are looking forward to!!

I’ve not been feeling very well since last night (Billy and his germs!!) so only did a mini adventure with Toby today, we went exploring at Mam Tor.


My silly sat nav took me to the middle of nowhere however but we gave it a go from where we abandoned the car 👍🏼
(On the way home I found the car park we should have used – right next to the start of the walk😂)


It was a beautiful walk – my shoes would disagree – we had to wade through some rather muddy areas ….. Toby is the official Teflon dog however, I get caked in filth and he’s pristine!


It was really busy at the top, there were loads of people paragliding! Toby as usual got some looks of admiration when I popped him on the trig point for his photo op! 😋


As always we got lots of comments about Toby’s adventure pack whilst we were out! We also got some comments about his poppy today also!


We didn’t stay out too long today as I say I wasn’t feeling too good so we only stayed out for just over 2 hours, but Toby thoroughly enjoyed himself!


When we next visit we’ll park in the correct place and stay out later so we can explore a bit more! ❤️

I was brave and walked through a field with cows in all on my lonesome (Pat on the back for me😋)


The trip home brought us through Winnats Pass – which in all honesty I didn’t think my car would make it up! But the little brum made it and did me proud!😍

Hopefully I’ll be feeling better tomorrow, Toby’s got a busy day accompanying me to work so at least if I still feel unwell he’ll cheer me up!!

Hope you’ve all had a fab Saturday!


3 thoughts on “Thank goodness it’s the Weekend 🐾

  1. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    I just love the blog, it’s fab. I love seeing what you and the simply stunning Toby both get up to.
    Take care xxx 💕🐶💕 xxx


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