The National Pet Show!

So this weekend we are at the National Pet Show at Birmingham NEC.


Toby as always has more luggage than me!! He’s got a suitcase to himself and I’ve got a hold-all 😂


Our first day was so exciting, there were lots of familiar faces as lots of the stalls are the same as last year so Toby was recognised by a few people! 😍


Our first purchase of the Show was a new bed, which is a snuggle sack from the lovely Bear & Noodle 🐶
Toby absolutely loves it – in fact he made himself right at home on the stand choosing this type of bed (made the decision easier for me 👍🏼)
Bear & Noodle are a Cheshire based company that make gorgeous homemade beds and blankets 😍

We did lots of fundraising on the stand and met lots of new people, Toby as always just loved being fussed constantly, he met lots of little people (which are his favourite) and got lots of cuddles! We did two shows in the ring also, which was fun as our display was about temptation alley which is always great fun!!


Our final purchase of Day 1 was a new toy from Julius K9, which Toby absolutely loves as he really likes footballs, but normal sizes are just too big for his mouth, so his new mini one of perfect!!


We also had the pleasure of meeting Ziggy Trixx the amazing Staffordshire Bull Terrier trick dog, him and his owner Dem were just lovely! Toby didn’t get too close as he was feeling a little grumpy due to disturbed sleep (silly fireworks)


Mr Supervet always has an after party on the first night of the show so we found ourselves a comfy seat to wait for his speech.

A few members of the team shot off afterwards to have a photo with The Supervet, so me and Toby made use of the quiet areas and did some skating 😂


Back at the hotel afterwards Toby made himself at home with his new bed and braved the scary fireworks until bedtime!


Day 2!

We were up bright and breezy ready for our second day at the National Pet Show!

We managed an NEC letters picture first thing! And even got to get a snap of Toby by Noel’s Ark 😍


We had another busy day of fundraising and another 2 displays in the ring, some socialising for Toby meeting lots of new people.

Toby was scouted to be a model for the morning for one of our neighbouring stands The Crazy Light Company, he
Modelled a light up winter coat for them which got him lots of attention! It was a lovely coat but as always Toby was slightly in between sizes which was a shame as he had a Velcro flap hanging around because he’s so skinny!


We went for a visit to Toby’s pals at the Vets Kitchen stand, did some skating for them and Toby got paid in some free treat bags 😍


We had a bit of disaster shortly after, Toby was with me on the stand doing his fundraising and acting as chief sales man (his little backpack was loaded with our stock) to entice people to purchase treats from us.
A lady we had been speaking to asked if Toby could have a doggy cupcake she’d bought earlier in the day, she handed it to me to give to him, which I did but unfortunately it got stuck in Toby’s throat and he started choking, I tried to dislodge it but couldn’t do it, thankfully a woman from a neighbouring stand, who I later learned was called Linda ran over flipped him upside down and did the doggy Heimlich manoeuvre, I am so unbelievably grateful that she was around and for her quick thinking and action.
I burst into tears and literally couldn’t stop crying for ages but Toby seemed absolutely fine after it was dislodged.
The on-site animal welfare consultant checked him over and was happy with him that he was doing okay!

Toby sends a big thank you to Linda from Celtic Connection ❤️


I took Toby outside for a break after (more to calm myself down) but he was back to his happy self thankfully!

Once I had calmed down we went back to having fun, did a little more at the stand and thanked Linda a billion times!

Our second day purchases were a new lead for when we go up mountains (it’s got a bungee section) and an agility tunnel!

We had our last display in the ring (Toby didn’t run in temptation alley after his incident earlier on) but he still went in to support the Dogs Home!


Overall we had an amazing weekend, Toby thoroughly enjoyed himself getting lots of fuss and attention, the cherry on top of our weekend is we won the top prize doggy photo shoot from one of the companies at the show we can’t wait to have that done and get some more beautiful pictures of my boy 😍

Thank you all for reading ❤️

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