Adventuring to Yorkshire 🥾🐾

Today we have been adventuring to the Yorkshire Dales National Park!

We parked in the Malham National Park Centre (£4.50 for the full day)

You can go into the centre to get information on walks in the area, but knowing that Amos is noise reactive I had picked which route we would be doing before we got there to save having to be around the car park for too long.

Although Malham Cove looks like it would be an amazing adventure I decided against it, with it being half term and nice weather I thought that it may be too busy in that area which would make it much harder for Amos to cope with.

We had decided instead on walking to Janet’s Foss.

It was a lovely little walk in absolutely beautiful countryside!

There were a few gates to navigate but even with the boys in their backpacks we managed them all fairly well! We much prefer negotiating gates than stiles 😂

We would have stopped and taken many more pictures but there were a fair amount of people dotted about so I instead needed to focus on working Amos through the noises and distractions.

Amos was doing amazingly and was dealing really well with the couple of people and dogs that we had passed or that had passed us.

We followed the path to the waterfall and there were a few families dotted about taking photos, so we waited our turn for the photo opportunity!

I was so proud of the boys, although there were people around, both boys stayed really focused on me and what we were working on, I got lots of lovely pictures out of it!

We headed back down the path towards the car park and unfortunately that is where we hit a spanner in the works, in the form of an off lead dog, although both of mine were on the lead a gentleman let his dog run at the boys, that was too much for Amos to handle and he got quite stressed.

After a while I got him calm again but then sadly we came across another dog walker with four dogs, and despite me calling that one of my dogs was blind and wouldn’t cope with unknown dogs running at him he grabbed one dog and let three run at us 🤷🏼‍♀️🙄

I am all for dogs being allowed off lead and having freedom but at least be considerate of other dogs on lead, you don’t know why they may be on a lead so if you’re gonna have a dog off lead have it under control!

Thankfully Amos calmed down once we got back to the car!

We had one last place to visit before we headed home – so off we drove (possibly the most stressful drive of my life on single track roads with crazy inclines and not many passing places!!)

We then arrived at Winskill Stones – we didn’t stop for too long as the wind had picked up and Amos can be a little unsure with the wind.

I’m a big lover of adventures but the dogs comfort and happiness is more important than any adventure.

The boys had an absolute blast and we will definitely be going back to explore it more!

Thanks for reading and we hope you have a lovely weekend and some adventures of your own! 🐾🥾❤️