An Introduction to Adventuring 🐾🏔

Today Toby and I took Amos for a mini adventure – we went to Teggs Nose in Macclesfield.


Amos has been struggling a little bit in the mornings with our walks round the block – there is obviously something he’s not sure of but we can’t work it out, he walks much better in the afternoon / evening, but it may be that in the morning there are more people getting ready for work or milling about, any way we don’t know what it is just yet, but regardless we don’t want Amos to have a closed off life so want to make sure he experienced lots of different places in a fun and enjoyable way to help set him up for his future!


We armed ourselves with some nana bells for Toby’s backpack, a 10m long line (so Amos could safely experience a bit of freedom) a tonne of puppy treats and a whole lot of time!


Amos was SO brave in these brand new surroundings! Toby of course was a dream as usual – he guided Amos with his nana bells and made lots of stops to reassure Amos.


Toby is completely overwhelming me with just how amazing he is being with Amos, he’s just taken him under his wing and is always reassuring him and generally being a fab foster brother! 😍

So the boys explored – Amos sniffed EVERYTHING and we took as much time as he needed! He managed the terrain so well and just took it all in his stride!


Toby as always loved the adventure (even if it was smaller than his usual adventures) and it made such a change to have nice weather!!

Teggs Nose has a gorgeous cafe also that does great hot chocolate and crumpets 😍 however that would have been pushing Amos too far for today I think, so we gave it a miss!


We walked a route that should take approximately 30 mins however with sniffy little Amos we took 1h30 to pootle, rest and let him take it all in!

When we got to the big field Toby had a mad ten minutes of running like a loon and Amos settled down for a nap!


For the walk back to the car in order to protect little pups joints Amos hitched a ride in the rucksack and Toby continued the sniffathon on his behalf!


Toby and Amos did me proud on our mini adventure, they were both such good boys! 😍🐾

I’m so pleased with how many good photos I got of the first shared adventure! I’m especially a fan of this blooper 😂


The day then took a turn for the poop however as the better half has been admitted to hospital with appendicitis 😣both the woofs however coped with the ambulance staff in the house admirably and were perfect pups whilst Billy and I were at the hospital.

Fingers crossed that my Billy has a speedy recovery! ❤️

We hope you’ve had an enjoyable but less eventful Saturday than us!

The unexpected arrival of Amos 🐾

So we’ve had a very busy week – life in the Martin / Howe household has changed dramatically due to the arrival of Amos.

For those Harry Potter fans amongst you – it could be a splinter story from the Tri-wizard tournament 🤓

Amos is our foster puppy, who we are in the process of potty training, lead training, life training (I’ll explain shortly) and integrating with Toby.


So as you can imagine the week has been super busy and has completely flown by!

We introduced them last Saturday afternoon and brought Amos home on Sunday evening last week!

Toby and Amos are adapting well to each other’s company and if everything continues to go smoothly between them we are very hopeful that we could potentially add Amos to the family tree, Toby has been a solo pup for 8 years so we need to ensure that this is the right match for him as well as being the right home for the pup.


We would love to keep him but we can’t rush into the decision without first making sure both of the dogs will be happy to co-habit and that ultimately we are doing what is best for both of the pups and not just for us.

So there is a little something you should all know about Amos – he’s completely blind, he was sadly born blind so has never known any different – and this is where the life training comes in!


So far in the 6 days we’ve had Amos we’ve got him used to the telly, the washing machine and the noise the oven makes and he’s generally coming on in leaps and bounds in the house, we’ve also taught him to sit and are working on down at the moment 👍🏼

He worked out pretty quickly how to get on the sofa (to snuggle Toby) and within a few days had also worked out how to get off the sofa (albeit in a VERY dramatic fashion!!)


He’s making slow but sure progress on the walking front (all new noises make him a little nervous – understandably) Toby is showing what an amazing dog he is – he’s helping Amos learn how to walk on a lead, and helps guide him on walks as Amos follows the noise of Toby’s collar.

Toby is however not loving the early morning wake ups to take the pup into the garden (he’s a leisurely animal who isn’t fond of an early morning never mind 6 days on the trot!)


This morning as a little treat I took Toby for a play at the beach – to give him some time away from the pup and another walk at normal speed as walks with Amos are a little too snail paced for Toby!


He had a whale of a time (as he always does at the beach!) and it was nice to have some time just me and him after our very eventful week!


There is nothing nicer than a morning at the beach with my little dude – and he deserves a big treat for being such a good boy with Amos and for being so tolerant of getting walked into (not that Amos can help it)


We can’t wait to take Amos to the beach and on other adventures too but at the moment we are focussing on building his confidence on walks more local to us and letting him take his time to understand the world around him!

We have discovered his favourite pastime is napping – it’s tiring work having to sniff the entire world around you!


We hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and a fun Saturday!


#10mountains10months Part 2 🏔

Today was #10mountains10months part 2!


The original plan was to walk from Loggerheads to Moel Famau which was a 7 mile route, I’d been keeping a close eye on the weather as it was looking particularly ropey!


When we arrived the weather was horrendous – the car park was an ice rink!

We decided that we would do the route from the base of Moel Famau rather than loggerheads as due to the weather conditions it seemed too risky for us all to make the route longer unnecessarily!


Moel Famau is the last mini mountain on the list before things start to get serious! So it was kind of nice that it was made slightly more challenging 🙈


The walk in total was 4.5miles – but it can be more accurately described of 4.5 miles of almost but not quite falling flat on our bums or faces 😂😂


It was so cold and icy but thankfully we still got a little bit of scenery – at the top we weren’t as lucky but there was a little bit of snow at the top which was lovely!


The route up to the top of Moel Famau is a fairly easy one to follow – there are a number of paths that lead to the top which is where the Jubilee Tower is located!

The route I usually follow is a well trodden track – we chose to use this today but due to the ice had to go rouge from the path on a few occasions!


In the summer the views from the Jubilee tower are amazing!
Today unfortunately we were not so lucky and it was mist and fog all around!
The steps to get up to the Jubilee tower were also some kind of wind cyclone! Which made for an interesting climb!


It also made for some hilarious photos! As mine and Sophie’s hair didn’t approve: below is my favourite picture from the day! 😂


We didn’t dare do a photo of just Toby with the poster today as poor Toby was nearly taking flight – so the poster would have been away faster than any picture! So instead here’s the more acceptable photo of Toby and Sophie!


There are a number of routes back down to the main car park also but due to weather conditions we decided to follow the track we had come up, as adventurous as we are safety is key!


The route back down was another fun one – sliding around but regaining balance is the most accurate description I can give of mine and Sophie’s extremely graceful descent 🙈🙈


Unfortunately due to the weather there weren’t many people about today that we could spread our message to and to tell all about why we are doing this challenge, but we’ve got 8 more challenges to do and hopefully the weather will be kinder so we can interact with more people to continue trying to dispel the stigma surrounding Suicide.


Being silent isn’t always being strong:
Talking about your feelings is so important 💚

Thank you to everyone for all the support you have shown us so far, only two parts in to #10mountains10months!


In three short weeks we’ll be adventuring for Part 3!

Keep your fingers crossed we get nicer weather! 🙈🙄


A day at Dovestone 🤓🐾

Today we have been adventuring to the Peak District, we went to Dovestone 🐾


Dovestone is a walk we have done before but not for a long time!

The weather for today was pretty bad wherever I looked, so we settled on the Peak District as it meant even if we got drowned whilst we were out we only had just under an hour to drive to get back to home and warmth 😍


Dovestone is within Saddleworth Moor in Greater Manchester there are a few nice routes in the area that can be explored!

Parking is 60p for 3 hours or £1.30 for all day which is pretty reasonable I think!

The route around Dovestone is fairly easy to follow, we did take a little detour (it was intentional though) so that we could have a little climb up to a picturesque little section on the moor but then dropped back down to re-join the main path.


In order to drop back to the main path we had to negotiate some very muddy and boggy sections of moorland! Toby being a super adventurer is usually lead in sections like that as he always finds the best path! 🙈


There are some repair works going on at the moment until April 2018 so part of the path is closed, there were signs advising of all of this throughout the walk, but it advised there was another route that could be followed.


One we got to the section that was closed there was a sign saying we had 2 choices;
1. Turn back the way we’d come to get back to the car park or
2. Follow the route round Yeoman Hey

The sign says that the route has “some muddy and rough sections” that was an understatement!!! 😂


It was a slightly difficult path there was lots of mud to negotiate but it was so much fun!!

By the end of that section I had got very wet feet and Toby had got stuck in some mud 🙈


The route round Yeoman Hey is definitely one I’d do again next time we visit Dovestone as it added a little bit more adventure to the walk!

There is livestock (mainly sheep) around this route so if you fancy trying it with your dog there are sections where they will need to be on a lead, there are several sections they can be off-lead though.


There are also lots of places to paddle – not really the weather for it today but Toby is partial to a paddle every now and again! 🐶


We only did 6 miles today, which is a small weekend adventure for us, but as the weather was so bad, neither me or Toby minded 😂


We also got to try out our present from Ruffwear that arrived this week!
Toby’s new stash bag (poo bag holder) that matches his back pack 🤓
We think it’s fab – it attaches to the lead but isn’t too clunky and doesn’t get in the way of adventures! 🐾


We hope you’ve all had a fun adventure Saturday 🏔🌲