A Sunday treat ❤️

Today I had a rare Sunday off work!

We had a little treat of Breakfast in bed – even Toby had his own mini bacon sandwiches 😍 (a rare treat for him – after yesterday’s big adventure the extra calories did him good!!)


Then we headed off to Wales for a walk – the plan was originally to go to Nant Mill – but the roads were terrible and we just weren’t brave enough to venture down the very slippy and icy hill (more for the fear of not getting back up 🙈)

We ended up having a little trip to Erddig instead – much safer drive!

We’ve never been to Erddig before so had a little explore (nothing major today after yesterday’s excursion!) the weather was against us again and the paths were a mixture of ice and mud 😂


Toby wasn’t impressed with the cup and saucer waterfall – me and Billy were on the other hand! 😂


We only walked for just over an hour at the park, before we were all frozen to the core and some of us (namely me) had very wet feet after mud-judging the depth of a puddle 🙄


I think another explore will be in order on a day where the weather isn’t against us so much!


After our walk and a delightful game of musical cars trying to avoid the horrendous icy puddles to get back into the car we headed to the Red Lion in Penyffordd for a drink and a warm by the fire!


After a little warm up and a portion of chips, we then headed back to the photographer’s who did Toby’s photo shoot before Christmas, today we’ve picked up our artwork (a framed photo and an album full of Toby pictures! ❤️)


I’m completely in love with them and can’t wait to put the framed photo up which hopefully we will get up soon! ❤️

We’ve had a really nice relaxing Sunday and there is nothing better than a little treat day with my two favourite boys 😍


Toby and I hope you’ve had a great weekend! 🐾





An extra long Adventure 🐾

Today we decided to head to Millers Dale again and walk the Monsal Trail!


I fancied a longer walk today and the Monsal Trail is a great long walk – as you don’t have to concentrate on paths or turnings it is just a straight path, with some gorgeous scenery and tunnels along the way!


Millers Dale is £4.50 to park all day and there are toilets at the car park, there are stops along the way (the other stations) where you can stop for refreshments or a loo break should you need it!

I’d checked the weather and thought we were in for a fairly good day, apparently I or maybe the weather app was wrong!


The route from my house to Millers Dale isn’t that bad of a drive – usually! Today wasn’t the best as soon as we hit Macclesfield it started to get snowy and we had to drive over the Cat and Fiddle to get to Millers Dale, the drive was a little bit treacherous to say the least!

It took us slightly longer than usual to get there because of the bad roads and weather but we still got there relatively early!

We decided before we started we would just have a little explore of the section before Millers Dale so went for a little sniff round Chee Dale and followed the stream which led us round a mini loop back to the main path near the car park.


I’d decided I wanted us to go all the way to Bakewell Station today as we have done some other sections before but had never been all the way to Bakewell!


Our walk much like the drive was slower than usual as large chunks of the path were ice and although Toby was well equipped with first aid kits I didn’t fancy a stumble!

I had packed Toby’s new rain cover for his back pack but didn’t think we would need it as like I said I’d checked the incorrect weather report 😂


We walked for about an hour before we got thoroughly snowed on so Toby got to model his rain covered backpack for the rest of the walk!

He wore the rain cover for the majority of the walk and had no problems at all (other than a few people thinking he was wearing buoyancy aids 🙄🙄)


Other than the weather being against us we’ve had a lovely walk – we stopped along the way at Hassop Station so Toby could have some of his snacks and a photo opportunity.


There are some seats outside but under cover – dogs aren’t allowed inside, which is fine but makes life difficult if you are walking on your own with a dog.
Despite plenty of signs advising to keep Dogs on leads there was a dog roaming loose around the outside cafe area so we didn’t stop too long!


We made it all the way to Bakewell Station despite the icy paths and slightly poop weather!


As this is a there and back walk we turned back on ourselves at Bakewell station and re-traced our steps along the path back to Millers Dale – all in all we walked for about 4 and a half hours and did 12.5 miles which is the longest walk we’ve done so far this year!


After a slightly scary drive home (cat and fiddle was even worse driving home!!) Toby is now snuggled up having a well deserved nap before he has his favourite post-adventure tea – SPRATS 😬

We’ve got an exciting outing again tomorrow, this time with the addition of my better half! ❤️


Hope you have all had a great Saturday!

Another Saturday Adventure 🏔

Today we decided to adventure to Snowdonia National Park to do one of the most gorgeous walks we’ve discovered in our time as adventure pals!


Devils Kitchen, which sounds horrible but it is beyond beautiful! The walk itself isn’t too long – only about 3 miles so we usually do at least two laps of the lake.


There is a lower and a higher path – the higher path is currently having some work done so is closed at the moment – we have still gone over that path before but you have to climb across a fairly large waterfall – last time I was there I enlisted the help of two gentleman to help me get Toby across, got to the other side and then slipped and pulled my quad! Lesson learnt however and today the weather was appalling so there wasn’t a chance I was going to brave the super slippy path over the waterfall!


We climbed to just before the waterfall as the view is stunning but then dropped back down to the lower path to continue round the lake.


The scenery is breathtaking! Even on days like today when the weather isn’t the best it is still amazing!

It’s a fair drive to Snowdonia National Park for me – but completely worth it for the views and the fresh mountain air! 🗻🏔

Toby before he got soaked! 😂


Parking is £2.50 for 2 hours or £5 for all day – as it is Snowdonia National Park it gets awfully busy so I usually make sure I’m there early so there’s still space to park!

We left this morning at about 8 and arrived for half nine ish so there was still ample parking at that time!


There is a visitors centre and facilities at the car park, Toby is forever in the debt of the lovely lady at the drinks stand today as she filled his hot water bottle up for him before we drove home to keep him toasty on the drive! 😍

It was fairly quiet today (I don’t normally see too many dogs but it can be busy with other walkers) probably down to the horrendous weather ….. Toby and I got thoroughly drenched and the wind was very chilly and strong so we weren’t the warmest!


Toby did still paddle in the lake as he can’t possibly walk past it without dipping his toes! 😂


After our two laps we were both shivering so decided a third lap was out of the question for today!

A quick hot chocolate stop from the drink stand and a fill up of Toby’s hot water bottle and we were on our way!


The entire contents of my rucksack is still soggy and is currently drying out on radiators!

Toby was in charge of carrying first aid again and the first aid kits are also suitably soggy so I think we need to invest in some rain covers for both his and my rucksacks!


We hope you’ve all had a good Saturday & hopefully you had better weather than us 😂


#10mountains10months – Part 1

So today was the day – part one of the 2018 challenge! We were very excited and have been looking forward to it all week!


We were eager beavers last night and made sure all the bags were packed ready and we had everything we needed!


Today we walked Mam Tor – the smallest peak on our secret list to ease ourselves into the challenge ahead!


We did a six mile route – to the top of Mam Tor and along the ridge and back to the trig point!


We parked in Mam Nick car park today (free for us as we are National Trust members but otherwise there is a small fee)

It was very foggy when we arrived and for the initial climb we couldn’t see a great deal around us – or any scenery unfortunately!


The first trig point photo (as the walk meant we passed it twice) was a super foggy one 😂 the second one was much brighter after the fog had cleared!


Thankfully as we walked it brightened up slightly (it snowed on us on one section but thankfully it didn’t stick!!)


There were a few ropey bits – which normally wouldn’t be as much of an issue but Sophie is recovering from a chest infection and I have a bad chesty cough made worse by my lovely asthma! So we didn’t sound the healthiest as we coughed and spluttered through some of the sections! 😂


Today was all about raising awareness for prevention of young Suicide and Suicide in males, Sophie was rocking her bright orange CALM vest and Toby and I donned our purple PAPYRUS attire!


Toby of course had his additional green back pack – which played a very important role today and in the 2018 challenge, Toby is our official mascot and first aid supplier for the #10mountains10months challenge!


He’s got his first aid kit in one pocket and a human first aid kit in the other! It’s important to make sure we’re prepared if something were to go wrong on one of our adventures! We wouldn’t want to be caught short so better to be prepared!


As we are doing this to raise awareness we made sure we stopped to take plenty of pictures (as you can tell) on one photo stop the lion king got the better of us and we recreated a classic pose …. Toby and Jess style! 😂


Toby draws lots of attention in his little back pack several people today admired it (one asked if we carried beer in it – I think the gentleman was disappointed when I said it had first aid 😂) and we certainly got a few smiles when people asked what he carried when we explained he was the first aider 😂


Thankfully the fog and clouds lifted for our journey back along the ridge to the car park so we got to see of the beautiful views that the Peak District has to offer!


We got talking to a few people whilst we were out and about and managed to have a chat to raise a little awareness with some fellow walkers and we also spoke to others who had personal experience with Suicide – we are so grateful to those that stopped and talked to us, this is what we want, the whole point of our challenge, we want people to openly talk about Suicide to try and help to break the stigma by even a little bit!


We stopped at The Castle for a late lunch on the way home, it was lovely! Toby made the most of the open fire 😍


Sophie and I had an amazing lunch which was just what we needed after being battered in the wind and rain! We also spent a good portion of the walk talking about what we were going to eat for pub lunch so it had a lot to live up to and boy it did!! 😍


Once again thank you so much for your support and we’ll post another #10mountains10months update in February after we complete part 2 💜


A very Muddy Adventure 🙈

Today was officially an adventure day but I still feel rotten so didn’t want to travel too far for todays adventure.


Instead we opted for something closer to home! So we went the fisherman’s car park in Kingsmead by the Weaver.

We did the loop from there to Vale Royal Abbey which was in total 7.5 miles – which I am pleased with when I spent most of the walk coughing like a goodun.


The route was exceptionally muddy!! We did it maybe a month or so ago and it was muddy but not too bad – this time is was a pure mud bath!


Which made for an interesting slightly slower (no complaints from me and my wheezy chest) walk than usual but still lots of fun.

We also stopped for a few games of fetch in the woods so Toby could have a good old run around as he sticks fairly close when walking off lead.


One section of the walk has been filled with sheep which was a pain as there has been a temporary electric fence erected around them – which you have to climb over to follow the public footpath – they have put a piece of hose over the section of the electric fence you are supposed to climb over but it didn’t fill me with confidence!


It also wasn’t a field as such – more a minefield of mud, sheep and radishes (don’t quote me on that they were weird and purpley/reddy)

By the time we’d managed that section Toby and I were both filthy! 😂


After our very very muddy walk we had a little date afternoon with the better half so we all went over to Chester for some lunch in the lovely and very dog friendly Marmalade cafe.


Toby had a little brush down and collar change before we went out as his red Christmas collar now has speckles of mud brown …. so needs a clean 😂

Toby thoroughly enjoys a good people watching / being generally nosey session whilst in the city 😂


The food is gorgeous and they are so friendly and welcoming for dogs!


We also found on this trip that they do real ice cream milkshakes which were just magic 😍


In other news we’ve got a list of things to do to get ready for our first challenge for #10mountains10months next week …. we’ve had to add washing Toby’s back pack to the top of that list 😂🙈


Hope you’ve all had a lovely Saturday!! 💚

Christmas and Beyond!

We hope you’ve all had a great Christmas doing whatever it is that makes you happy!!

We’ve had a lovely few days over Christmas! 🎁

Christmas Day was just me, the better half and Toby 😍 we had a lazy morning opening presents and then headed out for a Christmas walk!


Toby as usual had the biggest hoard – I’d been collecting presents for him for a while and had been stashing treats away for him for Christmas!


We headed to Teggs Nose for our Christmas walk – the weather wasn’t the best but we had fun nonetheless.


We walked around the top of the park for a change and went to the library in the landscape (forgot to write in the book though! 😂)


After our walk we headed home for Christmas dinner veggie Christmas dinner for me, but turkey and all the trimmings for Billy and Toby 🍗🥓🎅🏼


After eating far too much food we slobbed on the sofa watching Christmas films in true Christmas style!

Boxing Day we headed to Yorkshire as Billy’s niece was turning 1 🎉🎁

The drive was truly traumatic – Woodhead Pass was closed due to impassable snow and the alternative route directed us over Saddleworth Moor which was also horrendously snowy – Billy was a pro and I was a super wussy passenger 😂


Toby and his pal Hugo coped really well with the super busy house (after having a little stroll at the park to blow all the cobwebs away!!)


Then begins the Crimbo Limbo!

Today was my last day of freedom before a very short (thank goodness) 2 day week at work.

So we headed to Pennington Flash!


It was a nice enough walk – I won’t necessarily be rushing to go back but that was primarily as there were too many people for my liking.


There unfortunately were a lot of impolite dog owners who had no control of their dogs – which is a giant bug Bear of mine!

Toby is either on a lead or under close control (either a sit or wait beside me as something goes past) if I’m not sure how he’ll react I put him on lead. If there is another dog on lead I am polite and put Toby on a lead …. it isn’t too much to ask in my opinion!


It was gorgeous weather today and I would have liked to have been out for longer and do more than the 6 miles we did but sadly Billy has infected me with a chesty cough and I currently am breathing like Darth Vader and because my silly asthma means as soon as I get a chesty cough I may as well be a 127 year old man I didn’t think it was the best idea to stay out for too long!


However we had fun and that’s all that matters!! 😊

After a few hours to nap (for Toby) and for me to use one of my MANY Christmas bath bombs we had our first therapy visit after Christmas!


Toby was very excited to be back (slightly upset he didn’t see his favourite resident who always gives him a biscuit) but happy as Larry otherwise!


He met a few residents he hasn’t seen before and had a thorough sniff of all three floors to ensure that nothing Christmassy had been left behind ….


Now he’s completely zonked out having another well deserved snooze 😂

We hope you’ve all had a nice Christmas and have something fun planned for
Crimbo limbo!


Getting ready for Christmas 🎄🎅🏼

Today we had a beach day to kick off the start of our Christmas.


We headed to Formby beach – which is one of our favourites!

It was fairly quiet for a Saturday morning but I suppose most people were finishing off Christmas shopping, travelling to see family or getting themselves ready for Christmas 🎅🏼


Formby is free parking at this time of year if you use the Lifeboat road car park (always a bonus!)


Toby loves the beach, he always has done – he just goes bonkers! 😍


So he had a good old run and stomp around had a paddle and played ball and frisbee 👍🏼


There was a very cheeky crow who kept following us also so Toby had to chase him away a few times 😂


After a few hours at the beach we headed back to the car (did some festive skating) and then headed home to get ready for Momma and Poppa M coming round for Christmas Eve Eve tea 🎄


I successfully cooked a turkey second year on the trot which I am rather proud of as a none meat eater who never actually cooks meat.


We had a fun packed night with my parentals – Eating, drinking and generally being merry 💚

Tomorrow I’m off to the dogs home – after two weeks not being there I can’t wait to see the dogs and give them all a big Christmas squeeze!

Hope you are all successfully getting ready for Christmas no matter how you are spending it!


Merry Christmas from us 🎅🏼❤️

A little lunch time update! 🍩

We had our last therapy visit before Christmas last night. We are not visiting again until a few days after Christmas now so we can spend some time with the family over Christmas and Boxing Day.


Toby of course donned an appropriate outfit … elf Toby, and had a little pose on the piano (musical elf 😂)


It has to be really cold for him to wear a jumper there as the home is so so nice and warm!


It was much more peaceful last night, our previous visit was for the Christmas fair so it was a very busy visit!


He usual favourite residents were around and very happy to see him! He got his compulsory digestive biscuit from one of the residents – she always asks if he’s been good and if he is allowed his treat 😂

After his visit we headed home and Toby had a little Manicure – I have to schedule his nail clips for after visits as for a couple of days after a nail trim his nails are sharp and I worry about him scratching or marking the residents!
So Monday is the usual Manicure day 💅🏻

We’ve also been using some paw balm for his little toots to make sure his feet stay in top top condition for all his adventures.


Currently we’ve been using Wild Dog Co. Paw Balm which is great!
It’s lick safe and smells amazing, it helps sore or cracked paws and nourishes his pads.

Toby as you can see loves a relaxing little foot rub! 😂


In other news we in the Martin/Howe household are very excited for Christmas and have got a busy old week preparing for the upcoming festivities!!


We hope you’re all looking forward to the festive period too! ❤️🎅🏼

Busy Bee Weekend 🐝

This weekend we’ve had another busy one!


Saturday we headed to Yorkshire to visit the other half’s family, it was a strange trip as it went from normal weather to winter wonderland and right back to normal!


Toby had himself a little play date with his pal Hugo – I took the boys out to Rabbit Ings country park – which was lovely – free parking too!!

Lots of little paths and trails and very easy walking without getting lost, plus a nice little climb to the top to the viewpoint.


The boys had a good old run around and posed for some pictures along the way! And boy did they pose ….. 🙈🙈


Toby also got a chance to see one of his little human friends who delights in the fact his collar jingles! (Easy entertainment for children 😂) sadly she wasn’t feeling very well so Toby didn’t get much of a chance to play!

Sunday – we had another busy one, of got the day booked off the dogs home so went for an early morning planning meeting with Sophie to do some final things in preparation for our 2018 challenge.


Toby watched the world go by and witnessed some very loud dogs having doggy cupcakes in Bents 🤣


We then had to go home and wait for our parcel delivery slot!
Which brought a very exciting gift for Toby! A brand new backpack! In a very fetching (my favourite colour) GREEN 💚


After his harness arrived we decided we’d take it for a spin to Dunham, there was a Winter Wonderland event going on but thankfully we arrived before it was due to start so had a fairly peaceful walk around the grounds before hoards of people arrived.


I’ve never been to Dunham in the dusk at winter but it is BEAUTIFUL 😍 all the lights are just gorgeous!


There is also a light up musical fountain …. but Toby wasn’t a fan of that and was confused by the noise 😂 so we moved away from it fairly quickly!


After a little mooch around we decided to head home before it got too dark and too busy due to the event.

Weekends just go too quickly for my liking!!

Thanks for reading! 💚

Even more snow days! ❄️

We’ve had another few snowy adventure days! I’ve been off work on annual leave so have had a few more days to adventure than usual!


We headed to Lyme Park on Monday which was still covered in snow thankfully!


The plan originally was to head to the beach (birthday tradition) but I’ve seen a few reports about palm oil being present on the beach we usually frequent and didn’t want to risk it for Toby!


So a snow day seemed more appropriate and we had just as much fun!!


As we are National trust members parking is free for us at Lyme – however for non-members it is £8 per car for the day.

We had a few hours of playing in the snow before Toby got too cold and was sick of getting icicles in his feet (we had to de-ice his feet every 20 minutes or so!) he also had a minor toe related injury 😣 thankfully all seems fine with his tootsies today!!


To be on the safe side Toby donned his little Ruffwear booties whilst he supervised me de-icing the car, going round the block and getting our stuff ready to go and visit our pals at PAPYRUS to take our Christmas donation!


We had a lovely visit at Papyrus –
Toby spread Christmas cheer in his little elf number! 😂


Then to make he most of my last day of leave we went for a drink and cake at Bents Pet Place and then headed out for another frosty walk with slight dustings of snow!


A final little treat for you all! We have received our digital album from the photo shoot we attended on Friday! Here’s my little snowy skater boy! 😍


The pictures are stunning and we will drop the odd one in here and there, I can’t wait to receive the framed one next year and I can definitely recommend Jonathan Yearsley!

Thanks for reading! 💜