#10Mountains10Months Part Four 🏔🐾🏔

Today we tackled Kinder Scout via Kinder Downfall for part four of our 2018 challenge!


For the first time the weather was on our side! We had checked the weather and it wasn’t due to rain until 4:00pm and we were very hopefully we’d be on our way home by then!
The walk starts from Hayfield near the camp site and takes you on a beautiful route up the ridge and to the downfall (our designated lunch spot) 😁
Today we had also roped in my Mum and Dad to come walking with us – they did the Yorkshire Three Peaks with me last year for PAPYRUS so were more than happy to don their purple shirts again! Sophie thankfully had a spare CALM shirt so we were a matching set of two a piece for this walk which was really nice!
It also meant we could actually get some photos of Sophie, Toby and I as my mum was on hand to be the Dream Team groups designated photographer ❤️
My parents hadn’t seen Sophie for a good few years so they had a good catch up whilst we walked and it was nice to have some additional faces and walkers with us supporting these amazing charities!
The route we did today was approximately 9 miles and 620m of ascent with some utterly beautiful views of Derbyshire!
It made such a difference walking in such nice weather (I have a sunburnt scalp, a face like a beacon and am rocking an uneven t-shirt tan) realistically I should have stocked up on sun tan lotion – and would recommend anyone going walking in the sunshine does and isn’t a dope like me!
Toby as always was his usual mountain goat self and was in his element climbing and negotiating rocks and ledges.
He also LOVES the sun he is a sun-puddling extraordinaire!
Obviously when it’s hot I take more water for Toby and ensure he has regular drink stops, he got straight back in to the swing of it (he was used to having more liquids when we did our training for the Yorkshire three peaks as most of those were in fairly good weather) and his Kurgo bottle was a life saver so handy and means anytime I stop for a drink he gets a bowl too!
The route up to Kinder Downfall also criss crosses a stream several times so Toby had plenty of opportunity to paddle and soak his feet, he also had a paddle whilst we stopped for lunch to cool down before our final push to the trig point!
Kinder is a route I have done a few times before but the top at the trig can be confusing and we have done it before and gone down the wrong way (totally not my fault) so we were extra careful today to make sure that didn’t happen!
There are two paths we’ve done in the past to come down – one on the higher path along the ridge and one slightly lower path which weaves just below the ridge – we went for the lower path today which is less well trodden but beautiful nonetheless!
Both come out at the same point which leads to through 4 fields (thankfully no cows in them today!!) and then back o the road the campsite is on!
Toby also had an additional job today (first aid kits are job number one) he was responsible for safely transporting Sybil (#sybilontour) on our travels!
Sybil is traveling and touring to raise awareness for Huntington’s disease, which is a degenerative neurological disease, sadly studies have been done that show an increased risk of suicide to individuals who suffer with Huntington’s disease so we are more than happy to also do our bit in helping Sybil travel further by joining in our adventures!
Suicide is something that needs to be discussed more openly and we just hope that our challenge helps a tiny bit to dispel the stigma surrounding suicide and mental health – if we can additionally raise awareness for other charities and conditions that’s a bonus for us!
We hope you have all had a great Saturday and we’re more sensible with your sun protection than me!
Thanks for reading! 💜🧡💚

A Peak District mini adventure 🐾🏔

Today we took Amos for his first experience of the Peak District!


We went to a little quarry that was perfect to let Amos have an explore without coming across too many other dogs or people! We only came across two other people the whole time we were there it was bliss!
Amos has been doing really well dealing with distractions and him and Toby are working and training really well together I took them for a “busy” walk last night to work on distractions with Amos and he did really well – I managed to keep him focussed on me on 11 out of 15 distractions! Which is pretty good going I think!
So as a reward for all their hard work yesterday I thought they’d like a more peaceful walk today – they had a whale of a time, lots of new things to sniff, Amos had Toby to chase, they did have a little wrestle whilst we were out too which is nice to see as Toby has always been very firm with his “I will not play” rule!
We did some training whilst we were out also – everyday is a school day after all! We practiced waits and positions, Toby did some recall and searches too so it was still a busy walk for them both just in a fun way!
We did have some other distraction work to practice – Amos LOVES fluffy toys so we took some friends out with us to play with whilst we were out!
He had to concentrate on me instead of the fluffy friends for this picture! Which he did a sterling job of! Toby has a solid “leave” with toys so wasn’t too fussed about having little pals in his back pack which makes a change from his usual official first aid kit duties ☺️
We then headed home to spend the afternoon doing a spring clean!
Obviously I enlisted the help of the boys – for the purpose of the spring cleaning I re-named them Ginger Kim and Grumpy Aggy (he’s not really grumpy that is just his face) they were on board for helping but only if they stopped every three minutes for a snack – so I powered on without them 😂
For our afternoon walk we went to another new place in a little village about 20 minutes away from us – the aim was to find the mere and walk round but instead we just followed a public footpath through some farmers fields – we didn’t stay out for long as I could see Amos was getting tired and he’s too heavy for me to carry back to the car! 😂
We did get some recall practice in for both boys on our second walk though (Amos stays on lead for his safety and as he is a foster dog)  but he’s doing very well with his recall training – Toby always wins though he’s a speedy one is  Toby 😉
We hope you’ve all had a productive / fun Saturday 💚
P.S Next Saturday is Part 4 of #10mountains10months so keep your fingers crossed that we actually get good weather for this one 💜🐶👍🏼

Saturday with the mini monsters! 🧟‍♀️🐾

Today didn’t start off quite as we imagined – we had a vet visit with Toby as he had an issue with his gentleman area, nothing to worry about though the vet thinks he’s been bitten by an ant like critter which makes sense after his cavort about in the long grass and daffodils yesterday evening, but better to be safe than sorry!


Then we had a joint mini adventure, Amos isn’t able to do long adventures as he’s still growing and as he gets very tired easily as he’s having to use his nose to process everything.

We decided to head to the Cloud in Congleton – to start getting Amos used to the noises and smells around there as it is a walk we do a fair few times throughout the summer.


It was a mud bath – which Amos seemed to thoroughly enjoy, Teflon Toby isn’t too fussed about mud if he has to wade through he will if he can avoid it he will – usually he’s good to follow as he tends to find the least muddy route 😉

We didn’t do the full walk at the Cloud as Amos was starting to get tired but both boys had a good old rummage about in the woods and had a good play in the mud!


The Cloud is quite an uneven footpath so that added additional work for Amos as he has to negotiate the rocks and tree stumps.

He did a sterling job though and takes it all in his stride. Toby as always was being his helpful self and waited with Amos when he stopped to think about new noises, he’s worked out it can sometimes take a while so will occasionally make the most of the mid walk rest period 😂


We then headed off to Gus and Bear which began our pet shop tour for the day – lots of good exposure for Amos to get him well socialised in lots of different places and to work on his frustration in certain situations.


The boys loved a good pet shop mooch all the interesting smells and cuddles from members of staff and free treats obviously!


After a little nap / chew time at home we then headed off to continue the pet shop tour to bents – we didn’t stop too long at Bents as it was very busy and it was clear Amos was finding it tough.

Our final stop of the day was to Ginger and Browns (which is Amos and Toby’s go to pet shop!) to stock up on treats (all this puppy training and Toby training is getting through the good stuff) and pizzle sticks for the young monster.


Then for a relaxing evening in (whilst billy watches the football) with the two sleepy woofs!

Hope you’ve had a lovely Saturday! 🧡🐾



Bank Holiday Fun 🏊🏻‍♂️🏖

Today we decided to take the boys for a beach day as both Billy and I were off!

It would be Amos’ first ever beach trip so we wanted to take him somewhere more likely to be quiet so he could enjoy it without the distractions of other people or dogs – so we decided to head to Anglesey.


We checked the weather and it didn’t look the best – but that hopefully meant there would be even less people about!


Toby loves the beach! He always has done – he doesn’t like swimming but he does like paddling and playing fetch in the water.


We thought Amos might be a water baby as he seems to seek out all the puddles – and this is exactly what he did on the walk down to the beach, paddle in ALL the puddles 😂

When we arrived at the section of beach that we had visited last time was completed covered with water 😮


We had tried to check the tide times for the beach but when we checked on the map we couldn’t find the name of the beach, we just knew it was near RAF Valley 🙄


It didn’t matter either way as we just took the boys up and over the dunes to the other side of the beach where there was a stretch of beach to play on – the completely drowned side of the beach / carpark was a good place for Toby to play fetch without the waves pinching his toy as like I say he’ll paddle but not swim 😂


This is my favourite outtake from the day – Toby looking at his most beautiful 😂


Amos took it all in his stride – the noise of the waves and the birds worried him a little but we let him think it through and he was soon up and paddling in the sea like a pro 🏊🏻‍♂️


He followed Toby in a few times but couldn’t join in the game of fetch – Toby ran the toy towards him a few times but Amos didn’t join in so he gave up on that pretty quickly.


We hope you’ve all had a fun bank holiday – hopefully with better weather than us!!


Thanks for reading! 🐾❤️


Easter Weekend 🐣


Good Friday we had a mini adventure to Dunham Massey to introduce Amos to Bert and Ernie (Billy’s parents puppy dogs)

It went fairly well (from an Amos training point of view) – but it was heaving, so isn’t somewhere we would normally go on a bank holiday, we did go fairly early though so thankfully missed the hoards of people that seemed to be going into the park as we were leaving!

We didn’t get any pictures of the boys at Dunham sadly as we were too busy working through the distractions with Amos!

We took the pups home after that so they could both have a little rest before I took them for their Easter egg hunt!


The boys had a little Easter photo shoot and egg hunt in the afternoon at Little Budworth Country Park.


Mental stimulation and using their noses is just as important for the woofs as physical exercise and I try to make sure that Toby has a mixture of activities that engage his brain and nose, he is sometimes scatter fed, or does searches for his food, does training or tricks for his dinner and uses puzzles also!

I have also introduced this to Amos also, to help him use his excess puppy energy and to help keep his brain busy!


The Easter egg hunt is a fab way to do this out and about – they have to search and crack the eggs open to find the treats – Toby is really gentle with them and I still had some eggs left from last year, this year with Amos the eggs are slightly worse for wear 😂 he’s got such a big mouth 😂


Easter Saturday was just me and Toby for an adventure as Amos was goosed from his busy brain day on Friday – he spent a nice day at home with Billy with a few little walks sprinkled in!


Toby and I headed off for an explore at Dovedale in the Peak District – I have blogged about a route we have walked there before and we followed a similar route today but took more time to go off up little paths and explore!


We didn’t get any nice photos on the stepping stones like I usually do as they were flooded – so for some sections of the walk it was more of a wade than a walk! 😂


We explored in some of the caves along the path which meant we got to do a bit of climbing which is always fun!


It was a little busier than usual today but no surprise really with it being a bank holiday weekend – once we got past the stepping stones though it was much quieter – just what me and Toby like!


Dovedale is a walk we would definitely recommend to others – there are a few sections that dogs need to be on lead as there are sheep dotted around but it is a beautiful really easy to follow walk!


There are plenty of sections to wander off the path and explore the caves and woodland a little more which is great for nosy dogs and anyone walking with kids!


We hope you are all having a good bank holiday weekend so far!


Happy Easter from us! 🐣


Adventures & Treats! 🏔🍗

Today Toby and I headed to the Roaches for a morning of exploring and climbing.


We have been going to the Roaches for a few years now and absolutely love it! There are a few steep sections but not too many and you are rewarded with amazing views so the climbs are totally worth it!


There are a few routes you can do at the Roaches but if we go for a couple of hours we usually just start at Roaches gate and then walk along the ridge to the trig point and back.


It’s my favourite kind of walk – rocks and boulders to negotiate – Toby gets to become his mountain goat self!


There is also a pool on top of the ridge called Docksey Pool – which legend has it is home to some Mermaids!


Toby loves a paddle in the pool no matter the weather, it was a lovely day today but still too cold to paddle is you ask me!


The weather was kind to us today – a little bit moody to begin with but soon brightened up. Which made a nice change from the past few weekends of horrible weather!


Normally you see a few people up on the Roaches but not too many (one of the reasons I like it so much!) but today it was heaving! We saw so many walkers and runners – I found out from a few of them that there was a long distance walking group event on, but everyone was polite and mindful and it gave us an opportunity to practice some Toby manners and let big groups pass.


The roaches walk is mostly on lead as there are usually sheep all over the ridge, we didn’t see any sheep today so Toby got to have a few sections off lead but I was very conscious that sheep can appear out of nowhere so these were short bursts of controlled freedom!


As always Toby and I had a whale of a time on our solo jaunts but after a morning of me and Toby time we headed home to spend the afternoon with Amos!


Nothing too exciting could happen adventure wise for Amos today as he was neutered earlier in the week so he is on limited exercise and no jumping etc.

We decided that a trip to Ginger and Browns for a sniff and to get some shopping was on the cards (we needed to stock up on Pizzle sticks for Amos and fish cubes for Toby!)


I treated the boys to a Lamb Trotter each whilst we were there to have after they’d been out (which they are both munching on now 🤢)

Then off we headed to Little Budworth Country Park to let Amos sniff some new smells and Toby have a mini adventure!


We also tried Toby’s new Silverfoot Bell (a gift from the gorgeous Buddy’s momma! – who also makes BEAUTIFUL leads and collars if anyone needs a summer wardrobe for their woof! https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Buddyleads) which is super loud and really seemed to help Amos work out where Toby was going – it was his first time at this park and he was really brave and didn’t get spooked, it is also near Oulton Park so there were unusual noises all around and he took it all in his stride!


We got in some recall practice for both puppies whilst we were out, Amos is coming along nicely with his puppy training, Toby is doing a grand job of showing him the ropes!


We hope you’ve all had a fun Saturday! 💚🐾

#10mountains10months Part Three 🏔🏔🐾

Today we did the rescheduled #10mountains10months part three however due to adverse weather conditions we had to be flexible and unfortunately Kinder Scout had an amber weather warning for today so we thought it would be unwise to try and drive there and walk in the unsafe weather!


We decided that we would tackle the mountain that was supposed to be number 4 as the weather given was much better in the Lakes than in Derbyshire.


We had intended to do them in a certain order but the safety of the group is more important so we decided to be less strict!


We arrived in the lakes and the weather was beautiful, cold but beautiful, we were well wrapped up and Toby was rocking his new Purple for Papyrus Equafleece.

We tackled Coniston Old Man today which was just gorgeous!


The climb up was undulating for some and a little tough for other sections but so rewarding with some utterly astounding scenery!


The path was fairly decent terrain for the first section then gets very rocky and zig zaggy but pretty easy to follow throughout.


The weather was bonkers whilst we were walking – one minute it was glorious sunshine and the next it was a blizzard but it was freezing cold throughout!


We met a few people on route who advised up that no one was going up to the summit as the path was just ice and snow and really treacherous, we decided we get up as far as we could and see what the situation was as we got higher.


We met one group who were very experienced walkers they were the only people we met who actually went to the top and they have crampons and all the correct gear – we took the advice of everyone we met and made sure we stayed safe first and foremost.


We got to the lake Low Water and decided it was too unsafe to carry on – the path up to Low Water was pretty much just ice and snow covered rocks!


We are planning on going back and completing it properly when the weather isn’t so bad – to make sure we’ve completed all parts of the challenge in full!


When we got to the lake we had a snack (Sophie usually provides the Jaffa Cakes 😉) but it was so cold that the Jaffa’s were frozen!!


We obviously had to do a there and a back as we couldn’t get to the top – so the climb down was a little difficult as it was really steep and slippy with quite a lot of loose rock.


As always we had an amazing walk – talking about our memories of Rob and Phil who we are doing this challenge in memory of and trying to plan further challenges to keep us busy!


We didn’t get to spread our message to many people as the weather was against us (again) but hopefully once we get to the summer months we’ll be able to talk to more people!


I got some amazing pictures and had a great time doing the walk – slightly frustrated we didn’t get to finish but we have to keep safety forefront on our adventures!


After doing this walk in the Lake District I cannot wait for the others that are in that area! It was just gorgeous, as much as love the Peak District and Wales it made for such a nice change to go somewhere new!


Today we also trialled Toby’s backpack customisation! I have managed to get some of his labels on it (yey for Velcro) so we are hoping to get him some special labels for when we do charity walks – we’ll keep you posted on those!


Once I got home it was back out in the snow to take Amos for a little walk (he’s been having a day with Billy today doing boy stuff) but the cold and the snow confused him so we didn’t stay out too long! Now they are both napping and I’m counting down until I can take some more cold and flu medicine!


Thanks for reading! Hope you’ve had a great Saturday and didn’t get caught in the horrendous weather! 🐾💚

Crufts 🐾🐕

This weekend we have had a very exciting (exhausting) few days!


We have been at Crufts!


We go to Crufts with the Dogs Home Display Team to raise awareness for the lovely Rescue Dogs 🐕


It’s such a fun four days but is so exhausting for both me and Toby – as we are on the go for a good 12 hours each day. This year I took Toby his pop up kennel so that he could nap throughout the day to try and make sure he wasn’t getting too tired.


It does seem to have worked somewhat as although he was and is still sleepy he managed the whole four days of Crufts without getting grumpy with any other dogs!


Amos didn’t come to Crufts with us as it would have been too much for him at the moment, he is still scared of new noises and Crufts isn’t exactly a peaceful environment, we will hopefully take Amos to some quieter shows to help him get used to the environment before we do anything as loud and stimulating as Crufts with him.


So in no particular order (partially because I’m still a little sleepy and can’t really recall what I did each day ….) whilst at Crufts here’s some of what we got up to:


We visited the Beco Stand for some samples of their Wild Boar food (which Toby LOVES) we tend to use this as treats when we are out an about so the sample packs are perfect for us!


We also visited Lily’s Kitchen and made a confession to win a tray of food 🐠


We got given a lovely Staffy collar to take home to give to Amos – Thank you so much to the lovely gentlemen who gifted that to Amos! 😍

Toby found himself a new posh little house or maybe a hide away he wanted to take home to hide from Amos! 🙈


We finally got to meet some of the ladies from PitPat who gifted us a new PitPat to bring home for Amos so he can now also be part of the PitPat pack 🐾


We did several displays in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Ring: 2 each day other than Saturday when we only did one display.


Toby successfully skateboarded in each of them (and only once got distracted by crumbs that had been left on the floor!) I didn’t manage to get any pictures of Toby on his skateboard in action at a Crufts I did get a great video of him which you can see on my Instagram page @jessyymartin


We also took part in Temptation Alley everyday whilst we we there also, Toby won a few of his runs of Temptation Alley, lost a few (generally when he was up against a dog with much longer legs than his 🙈😂) but he never gave in to the temptations, he’s such a good lad!


We also went to pay a visit to the lovely lady who saved Toby when he was choking at the National Pet Show, she was so happy to see him and he loves her stand as she sells holistic pet food (that smells literally amazing!) we picked up some Duck and Apple treats from her whilst we were there!


I also managed to make sure that I carried on our usual tradition whilst at the NEC and got some pictures of Toby on the letters! 🙈😂


Purchases and Freebies!

So whilst at Crufts we made some purchases (naturally) and got some amazing freebies!

Our first purchase was a new equafleece for Toby, a fetching purple one for when we do our charity walks for Papyrus and Calm #10mountains10months


I also got Amos a new jumper as he has outgrown the Toby jumper he had been borrowing, nothing too flashy as he’ll grow out of it super quickly!

Amos also got a new staffy collar for when he’s a little bigger (as mentioned previously!) a PitPat and all the free toys we got for taking part in the Down Stay at the end of each day! 🐾🧡


We got a new Hurtta lead for adventures which we started using around the show also (you can just about make it out in the picture below!)


I got a rosette for both boys:
Toby the Wonderdog
Amos the Great


I got some freebies from Zoflora 😍 which smell literally divine as did there entire stall 💚


I got some Nubby ToePawds by TotoFit from Touchango which I have been wanting for ages!
These are to help work on balance and stance with your dog and can also be used for the base of some tricks etc.
They are good for postural strength and building core, we did a little bit of work with them in the hotel one evening but I can’t wait to get working with them at home with Toby and hopefully Amos eventually!


And finally as tradition dictates Toby got a new collar from Crufts – nothing too flashy or expensive just a nice (Slytherin) green leather one 🙈

Toby got to meet lots of his admirers from Facebook and Twitter and took it all his his stride as usual, in a more sleepy fashion as the four days progressed …. 🙈


For all of you that came over or found us and said hi to Toby and I, thank you so much, it was so lovely to meet you all!!


We also got to meet some of the people/Dogs I follow on Instagram!

The amazing Andrew and Betty from Me and My Dog – we hope your display on Sunday went well!!


And Amelia the Cav who Toby was rather smitten with (who can blame him she’s gorgeous!)


We also saw the amazingly talented trio of pups that is Hazel, Bramble and Tulip (sadly no photo this year as Toby was being sleepy and grumpy)

We’ve spent today resting and shifting furniture to make room for Amos’ new crate as we needed to upgrade him to his big boy crate! (Also to show off his rosette!)


Toby also made it into the Daily Mail whilst we were at Crufts! It was a horrible picture that just caught him looking unsure as we walked in, my picture taken the same morning shows him looking much more happy and relaxed, wearing pjs but raring to go! 😂🐾


We’ve had a fab but tiring weekend, we hope everyone else has had a good weekend and a happy Monday!

Thanks for reading! 💚🐾


Partial Snow Day ☃️🐾

This morning Toby and I made the most of the early morning wake up (to give Amos his breakfast and take him out for his early walk) to then sneak out for a morning of playing in the snow!


We left Amos to have a lazy morning with his pops as I didn’t think he’d appreciate being out in the snow for a long period and Toby and I were due some one on one time ☺️


Toby and I headed to Loggerheads Country Park – the drive is all main roads but the country park usually has good snow!

We had a whale of a time in the snow! Toby was well wrapped up with his fleece and backpack – he’d got his first aid kits incase one of us had a snow related injury!


He also had his Ruffwear Grip Trex Boots on for the majority of today’s walk to help protect his feet, they are amazing little boots and although we don’t use them very often are always in my rucksack incase he needs them – he’s got a slight crack on one pad so today he wore them for 90% of the walk and then did a short stretch without them, which kept his feet icicles to a minimum!


We got to loggerhead really early – about half 8 so we had the park pretty much to ourselves which was bliss – lots of fresh snow for Toby to play in ☃️


After our jaunt in the snow we headed back home to go for an afternoon and walk with the little one!

We decided to walk at Whitegate Way this afternoon, somewhere new for Amos to sniff and explore and a nice flat footpath for me and Toby to do some training and tricks!


Amos coped really well with another new place – lots of new interesting smells (horse manure 🤮) and a few people and dogs sprinkled in!

He’s getting much braver and more confident now and it is so nice for me and Billy to see our hard work with him is paying off ☺️


We took the pups for a little pet shop tour as we needed to stop by Ginger and Browns (our local pet shop) to stock up on chews for the teething monster 😂 but we also paid a trip to bents as it is usually a little busier so we thought we’d use it as a little socialisation exercise for Amos / he took the noise and the hustle and bustle all in his stride! Presumably due to the very rewarding smells throughout the visit and the help of some training treats along the way!


In other news we did a little weight check on the pups – Toby was around his usual mark of 8.5kg (he usually fluctuates between 8.3 – 8.7kg)
Amos the whopper weighed in at 11.6kg today we last weighed him 2 weeks ago and he was 10.2kg 🙈


We’ve had a lovely but cold day we hope you’ve all had a fun Saturday ❤️

An Introduction to Adventuring 🐾🏔

Today Toby and I took Amos for a mini adventure – we went to Teggs Nose in Macclesfield.


Amos has been struggling a little bit in the mornings with our walks round the block – there is obviously something he’s not sure of but we can’t work it out, he walks much better in the afternoon / evening, but it may be that in the morning there are more people getting ready for work or milling about, any way we don’t know what it is just yet, but regardless we don’t want Amos to have a closed off life so want to make sure he experienced lots of different places in a fun and enjoyable way to help set him up for his future!


We armed ourselves with some nana bells for Toby’s backpack, a 10m long line (so Amos could safely experience a bit of freedom) a tonne of puppy treats and a whole lot of time!


Amos was SO brave in these brand new surroundings! Toby of course was a dream as usual – he guided Amos with his nana bells and made lots of stops to reassure Amos.


Toby is completely overwhelming me with just how amazing he is being with Amos, he’s just taken him under his wing and is always reassuring him and generally being a fab foster brother! 😍

So the boys explored – Amos sniffed EVERYTHING and we took as much time as he needed! He managed the terrain so well and just took it all in his stride!


Toby as always loved the adventure (even if it was smaller than his usual adventures) and it made such a change to have nice weather!!

Teggs Nose has a gorgeous cafe also that does great hot chocolate and crumpets 😍 however that would have been pushing Amos too far for today I think, so we gave it a miss!


We walked a route that should take approximately 30 mins however with sniffy little Amos we took 1h30 to pootle, rest and let him take it all in!

When we got to the big field Toby had a mad ten minutes of running like a loon and Amos settled down for a nap!


For the walk back to the car in order to protect little pups joints Amos hitched a ride in the rucksack and Toby continued the sniffathon on his behalf!


Toby and Amos did me proud on our mini adventure, they were both such good boys! 😍🐾

I’m so pleased with how many good photos I got of the first shared adventure! I’m especially a fan of this blooper 😂


The day then took a turn for the poop however as the better half has been admitted to hospital with appendicitis 😣both the woofs however coped with the ambulance staff in the house admirably and were perfect pups whilst Billy and I were at the hospital.

Fingers crossed that my Billy has a speedy recovery! ❤️

We hope you’ve had an enjoyable but less eventful Saturday than us!