Weekend Wanders 🥾🐾

Just a little update from this weekend and last weekend’s adventures!

Last weekend we headed for a true adventure!

We picked a new adventure location in Wales, part of the Clwydian Range and decided we would wander rather than pick a set route.

To be honest we wouldn’t normally do that with Amos as I like to know beforehand what terrain we will be facing, if their are stiles etc.

We parked up and set off up one of the many paths and decided to see where it would take us!

It was a gorgeous route – and really peaceful too!

The scenery was absolutely stunning and the boys had a whale of a time sniffing and exploring.

As soon as we got near to the top however we all almost blew away!

We did make it to the top and whilst I sorted my hair out (it had flown free of its pony tail!) the boys huddled together out of the wind! 😍

Amos did admirably – he managed two stiles (with some assistance from Toby and I) and managed to go past the few walkers and dogs that we encountered without too much fuss (it is something we’ve been working on!)

It was a great place to explore and I will definitely be taking the boys back there!

This weekend we opted for a slightly shorter adventure in the snow!

We headed to the Cloud in Congleton to have a little climb ☺️

When we set off from the car it was a very chilly -5 so the boys were very very thankful for their Equafleece Jumpers!

We had a lovely couple of hours playing in the snow and sunshine at the Cloud!

It was so beautiful in the snow!

Amos struggled a little bit to navigate in the snow at first but soon worked out what was what!

We caught the tail end of sunrise as we were climbing up which was gorgeous, normally the Cloud is where we head for sunset adventures so it was nice to see the other way around!

We kept this adventure shorter than normal as I was conscious of the boys getting too cold and Toby with his scruffy hair usually ends up with icicles in his feet and beard!

The trip down was a little more hazardous and we had a few slips, mainly me and Amos had a little slide in one section, Toby was as ever the mountain goat and didn’t have any problems!

We did some wait and recall in the snow, to work the boys through some different distractions (not often we get snow!)

And of course took some beautiful pictures along the way!

We hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and had some adventures of your own! ❤️

Adventure Saturday! 🐾🥾

We had planned a trip to Snowdonia this weekend but had to have a re-think on Friday evening as the weather and roads were set to be pretty bad.

We decided instead to head to Lyme Park!

As with the majority of our walks we try to avoid busy places or times where possible to make sure that Amos can enjoy his exploring without be charged at or scared by other dogs/walkers.

So we set off early to get to Lyme as I know it can get super busy on the weekends!

There was a tiny dusting of snow on some areas of Lyme Park but not enough for a snow day sadly!

This was Amos’ first outing in his new Back Pack (Ruffwear Approach Pack) we get lots of questions/comments about their backpacks but I can assure you that both Amos and Toby are happy to wear their backpacks – they are the same make as the harnesses they have worn for a long while so fit and sit the same in them.

Toby (as many of you already know!) carries first aid kits in his backpack, at the moment as Amos is still young and is still getting used to his back pack he is not yet carrying anything much, for our adventure to Lyme Park he had a toy in each pocket, just to allow him to get used to the pockets being expanded.

The plan eventually is that Amos will be able to carry a little more on bigger walks, which will of course all be done at his own pace! It’s nice for him to have a job and I’m also hopeful that the backpack will help him with spacial awareness too – as when the pockets have stuff in them the harness will be wider so will hopefully help Amos know where obstacles are on our adventures.

At the moment I narrate our adventures to him so he knows where there are big steps or other obstacles that he needs to tackle but I’m hoping the back pack will give him a little more independence.

Obviously we have spoken to our vet before considering a back pack for Amos and they are happy that he can start to wear it and getting used to using it to carry small items. So now we all take part in carry adventure equipment!

We had a very muddy walk at Lyme, it was really nice to be back out in the fresh air exploring after our busy few weeks at Panto!

A few sections of the walk were slightly difficult to negotiate with a blind dog, but generally we try not to let that get in the way of Amos having exciting adventures!

As we were at Lyme fairly early we got a large chunk of the walk without coming across many other people or dogs and it only started to get a little busier towards the end of or walk and heading back to the car as most people were just starting on their adventures.

We tend to stick to the far end of Lyme as it is more peaceful but just as beautiful!

We haven’t decided where we at heading this weekend, but I would love a snow day if I’m honest!! 🥾

Hopefully someone exciting too 😉

We’ve officially been bad bloggers 🙄

We’ve had a rather busy few months so haven’t kept as up to date blogging our adventures – here’s a potted history of what we’ve been up to for the past few months (eek!)

We went my gorgeous cousins wedding at the end of October, which was a lovely weekend away.

This was also Amos’ first stay in a hotel and Toby’s first attendance at a wedding (Amos didn’t attend the wedding as it would have been sensory overload for him and he wouldn’t have enjoyed himself at all!)

Toby however was in his element, he rocked a little tux and loved being involved in the day ❤️

Our hotel was on the beach front so we enjoyed lots of sunrise walks along the sea whilst we were away 🐾

The boys got signed up to be Cheshire Fire and Cheshire Police new recruits to help spread some safety messages across Halloween and Bonfire Night – a role they both took very seriously!

Not all heroes wear capes – our emergency services are all super heroes too! ❤️

Amos turned 1!! 🎉🎉

I can’t quite believe he’s one already! Time flies when you have a crazy ginger hurricane to entertain! 😂

The boys had a birthday tea party and got to have a fun run in the secure field hire!

Amos got lots of delicious (icky) treats to try for his big day! He shared them all with Toby of course as a good brother would 😉

Toby and Amos became Darth Pupper and the Evil Ewok just in time for Halloween!

They even appeared on BBC Northwest news as doggy superheroes!

Toby had a trip to the National Pet Show to do his fundraising thing for the Dogs Home – it was a fun packed weekend where he sampled lots of new beds and blankets …. he’s likes the comfortable things in life!

First trip to Snowdonia National Park for Amos he loved exploring in the mountains – he is going to be a super adventure pup when he’s a little older ⛰🐾

We had an little adventure to a peaceful Forrest in Wales, the weather was shocking but thankfully we didn’t see another soul and the boys had a whale of a time!

The boys got all autumnal! Rocking those rugby shirts 😍

We had a very windy adventure to the Roaches – I’m sure Amos and Toby almost got blown away!

Amos is doing much better at coping with the wind, he used to find it a little scary but he’s getting used to it now and knows he doesn’t need to panic about it! He’s got me and Toby to look out for him ☺️

Then life got extra busy! Toby had auditioned for a pantomime in the summer and rehearsals started in December!

We’ve had a very very busy December with rehearsals and shows, we had an amazing Christmas, it was Amos’ first Christmas at home with us and boy did they get spoilt!

They of course had their own Christmas dinner and they got the most beautiful Collar and Lead sets from Fetch and Follow (www.fetchandfollow.co.uk) they were featured as the Christmas Special in Fetch and Follow also (we highly recommend you give it a read ❤️)

Toby has absolutely loved his time at the Panto, he got fussed by LOADS of people, got loads of treats and got to run around stage like he owned the joint!

We have done a total of 21 performance and just had our final panto weekend – it’s been an incredible experience and Toby has thoroughly enjoyed being fussed and pampered by all of the cast and crew! He got lots of cuddles from Fairy Sugar babe Amelle ❤️

Here he is with beautiful Belle ⭐️🎭

As much as we’ve loved pantoing and our busy few months, we are excited to get back to adventuring and exploring!

I think we’ve definitely missed things out of this blog post, as we’ve been such busy bees!

We will be getting back to more regular blogs now though – thanks for hanging in their with us! ❤️

The final chapter of #10mountains10months ⛰

A month ago we were preparing for / travelling to complete part 10 of our 2018 challenge!

For Part 10 we were climbing Snowdon – the biggest Peak of our Challenge and we were adding a twist!

We had planned an amazing end to our final climb – we were going to hike up in the dark so we could watch the sunrise from the top.

With the final walk being in October we wanted to make sure that we completed in early October to try and avoid as much of the bad weather as we could.

We checked the sunrise times and worked out exactly what time we needed to start our final climb, sadly for us this was at 4:00am!!

With this being the final walk we had roped in some other supporters to accompany us on our mission, we are forever grateful to those people who were bonkers enough to agree to climb a mountain in the dark with us!

I left home at 1:30am ish to ensure that I was at the correct carpark in plenty of time to meet the other walkers, Toby was most confused at being asked to get up at that time of day!

Once we all arrived at the car park and were donned in our various Purple and Orange charity shirts, headlights, torches and reflective attire we set off on our merry way up the Llanberis Path.

We had researched paths beforehand in order to ensure that we were using a path that would be safe in the dark, I have previously walked up Snowdon via the Snowdon Ranger Path, but I wouldn’t like to attempt that path in the dark. We spoke to a few people who had walked Snowdon in the dark to gauge which path would be best suited and Llanberis was recommended.

I don’t need to tell you that the path was steep for this as what more can we expect with it being the tallest climb of our challenge?!

Surprisingly for 12 of us walking in the dark I don’t think anyone actually fell over (impressive!) there were a few slips/trips which is understandable I guess when you climb in the darkness! We had a few little scares on the walk – mainly sheep appearing out of nowhere and making us jump! I can confirm that sheep are quite creepy in the dark, the way their eyes glint is slightly sinister when you have had limited sleep!

The climb although quite tough was extremely rewarding as we arrived at the top to the clouds parting and being able to see some beautiful scenery. Sadly for us we didn’t get to see a sunrise, we arrived at the top in plenty of time, we had made sure we packed plenty of blankets and extra layers in case we arrived early and had to wait around, but it was too cloudy for us to see the sunrise, which is a shame but we still thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Whilst we were at the top the clouds parted slightly and we managed to get a few nice pictures, as we didn’t get to see the sunrise and as it started to snow whilst we were at the top we didn’t wait on the top for too long before we began the return trip to the warmth of the cars!

It was odd going back down in the daylight as we didn’t recognise any of the scenery that was around us, we were able to use the land marks around to ensure that we were on the correct path down and had made a note of which side the railway was on etc. to ensure that we didn’t stray from the correct path on the way down.

The benefit of climbing in the dark was that all the really steep sections that would have been horribly off putting to see before you climbed, we couldn’t see – so didn’t actually know how long all of the very steep sections went on for!

This no doubt went in our favour as we did have a few walkers who needed a morale boost on the steep sections and those horribly steep sections would not have acted as such! I think with this being the tallest climb and us all being so tired we did have some dips in morale during the climb, but once we have got to the top and knew we had completed the hardest part of the challenge we all perked up considerably.

Following on from this walk I would love to do more climbs in the dark as it is so peaceful and I thoroughly enjoyed myself (I would also like to see a sunrise from the top of somewhere at some point!) so this is something that I may look at doing more frequently, also climbing in the darkness means you come across less people which I know Amos would thoroughly enjoy!

This whole challenge has been incredible, we’ve seen some utterly beautiful places and climbed some really interesting routes. We’ve managed to speak with and engage with several people along the way about Suicide Prevention and Mental Health and have done our best to raise as much awareness as we can to this really important topic.

Planning for the 2019 challenge will be underway soon and we will keep you posted on what we will be getting up to next year to raise awareness for these amazing charities.

Thank you again for all the support that you have shown myself, Sophie and Toby for this challenge – we wholeheartedly appreciate each and every message of support from you all.

Special Thanks to all of the people who have accompanied us on any of the walks we have done throughout this challenge, it really means a lot to the three of us (I include Toby in the appreciation) that you kept us company throughout the walks and helped us make the challenge even more enjoyable! ❤️

#10mountains10months Part 9 ⛰🐾

The last weekend of September we completed Part nine of our #10mountains10months challenge.

For part nine we tackled Glyder Fawr in Snowdonia National Park – it was a very very tough walk!

The walk started in Ogwen Valley which is somewhere Toby and I have walked previously, we have been there a few times to do the Devil’s Kitchen walk.

Parking is tight at the Visitors Centre and there is usually only a limited amount of spaces available, we left at 7:00am and arrived at just before 9:00am and the Car Park was already full! We managed to find a space on the road, but this can be difficult as the cone a large section of the road off – so this is definitely a walk to start early doors!

If you manage to get a space on the Car Park there is a charge of £4.50 for the day. There are facilities at the Visitors Centre, toilets are a welcome treat after a 2 hour drive!

There is also a coffee stall to get hot drinks and cakes after you have been walking!

The walk starts off fairly steady and the walk from the Visitors Centre is fairly straightforward, there is one fork where you veer right and you then carry on until you reach the lake.

The views from the lake are astonishing, it is such a beautiful part of the countryside. Toby always insists of having a paddle no matter how cold it is, he even went in wearing his jumper on this weekend!

The route is beautiful and there are so many places to stop and take in the stunning views.

The walk follows the Devils Kitchen Path for a fair distance around, thankfully one of the sections of the path that is very tough has had some repair work done, as previously when I have visited I have had to scramble into a waterfall and climb over the other side! Which although quite fun, is fairly difficult if there has been rain! Thankfully they have now made a bridge over the waterfall which makes it much easier to negotiate!

Once we got to the more difficult section of the walk (which is still following on the Devil’s Kitchen Walk) you are required to climb a little more and the path becomes very unclear as you pick your way across boulders and rocks.

This is the point that the path for Glyder Fawr leaves the Devil’s Kitchen route, so at this point the route was now unfamiliar to me – it was a shock!

The route was very difficult to negotiate – there was lots of clambering and quite a few sections that required us to use our hands. There were several sections that were just too big of a jump for Toby so we had to climb up and one of us pass Toby up – thankfully his Ruffwear Approach Pack has a helpful handle for such situations so he was easy enough to lift up!

Toby managed to jump and chin a rock and cut the inside of his mouth during this walk so we stopped for a little while to give him a once over and make sure he was happy to carry on – of course being the little mountain goat he is he was raring to get back to climbing and rock hopping!

We were lucky enough to see a couple of mountain goats whilst we were climbing, we named them of course … Alfonso and Romeo, they were having a little domestic unfortunately and we weren’t sure if they were friends or not and Romeo (the bigger of the two) looked to be a bit of a bully!

We managed to speak to a gentleman on this walk who had sadly lost his son to suicide, we had a chat with him about the charities we are supporting and about what we were doing and why, we’ve found this challenge has encouraged other walkers to open up, and it is quite shocking to see just how many people have been affected by suicide or know someone who has been affected by suicide.

This isn’t a walk I would recommend for someone with a dog, unless your dog is very used to climbing and walking in the mountains – some of the sections that needed to be climbed were very difficult and we saw several people struggling with the path and the climb!

This final slog to the summit of Glyder Fawr was also extremely difficult, it was an extremely steep section that was scree, there was so much loose rock that every time you lifted your foot, you were sliding back down! Sophie fell on this section and hurt herself, with her having bad knees already we were getting a little concerned about carrying on up this section as it was getting steeper and the scree was all the way to the top. I was also concerned about Toby’s feet as he was getting his feet stuck in between rocks and was struggling to negotiate the very loose and moving rocks.

We decided to make a judgement call on this one – although this is a challenge we also need to ensure that we all stay safe, the challenge is to raise awareness which we are still able to do without be careless.

We also knew that as the route we were following was a there and back route that we still had quite a lot of difficult sections to get back down before we completed the walk for the day.

Walking back down wasn’t easy at all! The rocks that we had scramble up – we needed to scramble/bum-slide down …. We were very graceful about it of course!

Before we completed the walk and headed back to the car however we made sure we went to the little beach area around the lake so Toby could have a refreshing paddle before heading home!

The views from the beachy area are just stunning (as is the majority of the walk!!)

This was a walk I would not rush to do again in a hurry as it was so difficult – it also isn’t a walk I would do on my own! I will be back to the Ogwen Valley to do the Devil’s Kitchen walk as it is such a stunning area and is a really enjoyable walk – it is somewhere I would love to take Amos too one day, but when he is a little older and a little more established as a mountain goat!

The final walk of the challenge will follow soon!

Once again thank you all so much for the support ❤️