Walking is good for the Soul 🥾❤️

Walking is our favourite kind of therapy, it lifts my mood so much and if I’m feeling sad or blue a sure fire way to cheer up is by taking a wander in the fresh air!

My adventure days with the boys are my favourite way to spend a day!

Friday we went for a mini adventure to the Roaches for a climb and sniffari!

We headed off early so were very lucky and didn’t see many other people – which is perfect for us!

Amos is becoming a super climber now and is much more confident on uneven ground, he still uses Toby to help him out on some sections but is generally a super climber!

We did 5 or so miles on Friday, but we always love exploring the Roaches as there is so many different smells and the boys even get a chance to paddle which they always love!

On Saturday we joined forces with our fellow mental health awareness compadre Sophie to get back out there in our Papyrus & Calm attire!

After last years #10mountains10months we have been plotting and planning this years challenge, we did our first training walk today to tie in with Mental Health Awareness Week.

We had planned on a 15 mile walk along the Ribble Way, however neither Sophie or I are particularly good at directions (how we didn’t get lost up a mountain or in the wilderness last year is a mystery 🤷🏼‍♀️)

We got lost for some time and just aimlessly wandered around a marsh land, then we decided to follow some other public footpath signs for the Lancashire Way, I don’t think either of us could actually tell you where we walked, we at one point ended up in Chorley – we tracked the route to make sure we hit the magic 15 mile target!

Today’s walk was just with Toby, we aren’t sure that Amos will be doing this years charity challenge as it may be too much/stressful for him so he got to nap the day away whilst we trekked.

Toby deserves his solo time too, he’s so good and helpful with Amos that sometimes it’s nice for him to have a walk where he can just kick back and run, sniff and pee to his hearts content without having to look out for his brother.

Toby was a complete star, that is the longest distance he has covered in a fair while! He has always loved long distances but last year we didn’t get to do as much long distance stuff as we were limited with walking Amos and the climbs we were doing to raise awareness for Charity were less about distance more about height!

We’ve worked Amos up to 10 miles so far so hopefully long distance adventures with both my boys won’t be too far off!

Today Toby was rocking his Ruffdog badges with Lets Talk Prevention, doing his bit for Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Awareness.

We are having a VERY lazy evening watching films and eating snacks, I hope you have had a good week and have done something to improve your mental health xx

P.S there are less pictures in this blog post as apparently I have used all my WordPress storage – hopefully I will fix this before the next blog! 🤷🏼‍♀️

2 thoughts on “Walking is good for the Soul 🥾❤️

  1. The boys are gorgeous and I love that Toby is such a compassionate soul. However, I’m with Amos and the nap programme rather than a 15 mile hike. Go you and the boys. x Linda


  2. Your blog is so lovely to read. You have two beautiful dogs in Amos & Toby. And wonderful to read about Amos’ progress with the support of Toby. It must be so rewarding.

    I also wanted to ler you know that I have nominated your blog for The Sunshine Blogger Award. There’s no pressure to take part. But if you would like to, there is a post in my blog about it with all the details.
    Best wishes, Penny


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