Adventuring Always 🥾🐾

We’ve had a busy weekend!

The boys and I went to a boundary games workshop on Friday evening, which was really good, both boys had a fabulous time and got to engage their brains at some different training and games.

On Saturday we went exploring in Wales, it was the biggest adventure Amos has ever been on!

The walk we did was 9.5 miles but we ended up doing 12 miles as we kept sneaking off the path for photos or to hide from other walkers.

To confirm I don’t mean actually hide in a creepy manner, I just mean give them a wide berth to make life easier for Amos 🙄😂

Amos is 16 months now and we consulted our vets regarding longer walks before we considered taking him on bigger adventures, after getting the OK from the vets we have gradually increased the distance he covers, but today was his longest walk – Toby and I were very proud Adventure companions – he did great!

We decided to ditch the backpacks for today’s walk as I knew the increase in distance, new place and new smells would be tiring for Amos, even though his back pack doesn’t have much in at present it is still extra weight which he didn’t need today whilst we focused on increasing his distance.

We arrived nice and early, which meant that we had a good hour or so of walking without seeing another soul!

We went the opposite way round the walk than I usually do as I know the stretch back to the car park can be busy so switched it to try and make it easier for Amos!

The boys got to have an early morning paddle and I got to take lots of pretty pictures 😍

It was a beautiful day and the scenery around the lake is gorgeous so it made a change from the usual cold and dreary walks we’ve been on!

We came across a couple of flocks of sheep on route but thankfully when they spotted us the scarpered – I’m not sure what Amos would have made of a sheep, up close and personal/ within good sniffing distance!

The paths for this walk are fairly easy to navigate (another bonus for Amos’ first longer distance walk) there are a few cattle grids but there are gates so you can pass.

It was a little busier than I had anticipated, but I suppose it was the first day of really nice weather and a Saturday 🤷🏼‍♀️

Amos coped really well though, he has a couple of situations where he was reactive, but who can blame him and they are getting much less difficult to manage – which is really rewarding to see.

Toby of course was a dream – he had a whale of a time, being the giant sweetheart he is, when Amos had a little reaction to something he plodded over to him gave him a lick and then carried on his merry way, he’s such a good little big brother ❤️

There is nothing better than exploring with your besties 🥾🐾❤️

We hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend 💚

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