Weekend Wanders 🥾🐾

Just a little update from this weekend and last weekend’s adventures!

Last weekend we headed for a true adventure!

We picked a new adventure location in Wales, part of the Clwydian Range and decided we would wander rather than pick a set route.

To be honest we wouldn’t normally do that with Amos as I like to know beforehand what terrain we will be facing, if their are stiles etc.

We parked up and set off up one of the many paths and decided to see where it would take us!

It was a gorgeous route – and really peaceful too!

The scenery was absolutely stunning and the boys had a whale of a time sniffing and exploring.

As soon as we got near to the top however we all almost blew away!

We did make it to the top and whilst I sorted my hair out (it had flown free of its pony tail!) the boys huddled together out of the wind! 😍

Amos did admirably – he managed two stiles (with some assistance from Toby and I) and managed to go past the few walkers and dogs that we encountered without too much fuss (it is something we’ve been working on!)

It was a great place to explore and I will definitely be taking the boys back there!

This weekend we opted for a slightly shorter adventure in the snow!

We headed to the Cloud in Congleton to have a little climb ☺️

When we set off from the car it was a very chilly -5 so the boys were very very thankful for their Equafleece Jumpers!

We had a lovely couple of hours playing in the snow and sunshine at the Cloud!

It was so beautiful in the snow!

Amos struggled a little bit to navigate in the snow at first but soon worked out what was what!

We caught the tail end of sunrise as we were climbing up which was gorgeous, normally the Cloud is where we head for sunset adventures so it was nice to see the other way around!

We kept this adventure shorter than normal as I was conscious of the boys getting too cold and Toby with his scruffy hair usually ends up with icicles in his feet and beard!

The trip down was a little more hazardous and we had a few slips, mainly me and Amos had a little slide in one section, Toby was as ever the mountain goat and didn’t have any problems!

We did some wait and recall in the snow, to work the boys through some different distractions (not often we get snow!)

And of course took some beautiful pictures along the way!

We hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and had some adventures of your own! ❤️

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