DogFest #teamnorth

This weekend we have been at Dogfest with the dogs home!


We’ve done lots of fundraising mixed with plenty of exploring around the stalls and dogwalk! Toby modelled the beds on the stand perfectly 😂
It has just been me and Toby this weekend as Dogfest would have been far too much for Amos, too noisy and too many other dogs milling around!
We made sure to go and visit Toby’s pals at @PitPatPet and have a little posing session in their VIP area!
Toby’s PitPat is still going strong after all his rolling around like a weirdo on basically any type of floor (he’s thrown himself and his PitPat round on concrete many many many times!!)
We also LOVE the feature that allows you to see the distance now on the app – it’s mad to see the difference between the boys on some days! 🧡
One of our favourite parts of Dogfest is always the Haybale race (Toby is a pro!) usually the Dogs home run the Haybale race but this year we didn’t get the chance to – we still went to have a go as Toby loves it!
I think his fastest time on the haybales was either 5 or 6 seconds! Not bad for a little old man 😉
He also had a go at Temptation Alley which was being run by the dogs home – Toby is also very good at this and doesn’t give in to any of the temptation! He did his temptation alley run in 2.13 seconds 😂
We stopped by the Guru stand and Toby decided to become an honorary geekster! He’s got some new fishy treats to try, a cold pressed bone which we brought home for Amos and some Venison Sausage to share with Amos this week 😍
We also got a super cute caricature of the boys which is beyond cute! We think we’re gonna frame it to put up 😍
We stopped by the body shop stand and signed their petition to stop animal testing in cosmetics – Toby got a new bandana and managed a photo with bunny ears whilst we were there ❤️
The weather wasn’t great this year – it was much better than it being baking hot and the Dogs suffering like thy did last year but bearing in mind it’s June I had a jumper on most of the two days and Toby had to rock his equafleece for
part of the day that was particularly drafty!
We also got to speak to Chris Packham today – who was absolutely lovely! He even had a little photo taken with Toby ❤️
We’ve had a great couple of days – Toby’s really enjoyed himself he’s completely pooped now and is having a well deserved nap!
This weekend is always a busy one as Dogfest always falls on / near mine and Billy’s anniversary and Billy’s birthday!
It’s also been extra busy as Amos has had his stitches out today – which means no more Hearts for eyes! 👍🏼
Hopefully you’ve all had a good weekend!
We’re resting up now ready for two days at the Cheshire Show this week! 🧡💚

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