Operations and Adventures 🤕🐾

This week has been another slightly stressful one at Wonderdog HQ.


This week was the week Amos was due to have his operation, we have known he was having a double enucleation since before we fostered him as the eye specialist he saw as a pup advised that as both his retinas were detached and his eyes were not fully formed he had never and would never be able to see. The specialist also went on to advise that his eyes would cause pressure which would leave Amos feeling pain and discomfort.
Although we knew he would be having it done we were still understandably nervous about the surgery and worried about the little guy.
He went for his operation on Wednesday morning and we collected him Wednesday early evening – he was a perfect patient we were told! 🧡
Toby was on hand on Wednesday evening as caring “big” brother and sat with Amos most of the evening 😍
We have decided to not share pictures of Amos’ wounds as we don’t want to upset people / gross people out.
(We have edited the pictures that he is face on & used little orange hearts to cover the wounds – like I say it isn’t pleasant at the moment)
Amos is doing well following his surgery – he isn’t a big fan of the cone of shame but let’s face it – who is?! He gets time without the cone of course – but as the wounds and stitches are on his head we need to
make sure he doesn’t interfere with them.
Toby is also being incredibly brave as he is petrified of Amos’ cone (it’s very big) but he wants to comfort him so is trying his hardest to be brave when Amos has his cone on 😍
Amos is also the perfect patient when it comes to taking his meds – literally no need to hide the pills just pass them to him and he eats them (what dog does that?!?!?) he’s such a foodie – even pills are food to him🙈
As Amos is still recovering from his op I took Toby for a solo mini adventure this afternoon 😍
We decided to visit Loggerheads – as there is a bit of a climb but also plenty of water for Toby to have a paddle!
The last time we visited Loggerheads it was covered in snow – so it was a nice change to go when the sun was shining!
Toby had a whale of a time at Loggerheads – he loves it there as he can be off lead for the majority of the walk and he gets to paddle, climb and pee up things to his hearts content!
We didn’t really follow a route as such – it’s a park we’ve been to lots of times so we just headed to our favourite spots for a play / paddle!
It was lovely to get some one on one time with Toby as since Amos had his op we haven’t had much chance to exercise them separately (trying to keep a close eye on Amos and his wounds) so today was well deserved for Toby.
That being said we are excited for Amos to be able to join us on adventures again once he’s healed!
Toby is as always being completely incredible with Amos and continues to surprise and amaze me with how caring he is 😍
Amos amazes me completely – he seems so much happier (except for the cone) since his op and has bounced back so quickly – we are making sure we don’t let him over do it with walks, time in the garden or playing with Toby to try and make sure he heals as well and quickly as possible.
We hope you’ve had a good Saturday and have something fun planned for Sunday! 💚🧡

3 thoughts on “Operations and Adventures 🤕🐾

  1. Such a brave guy! we have an ophthalmology specialist at our place, and I think things involving the eyes always look worse. Because they’re a big part of the dog and what we see. I love how sweet Toby is being- Lily totally would be scared of the cone too.
    Gorgeous photos of the walk! X


  2. I just got time to read this today and it melts your heart how good and sweet they are, especially how Toby is with Amos at the mo 😍 x


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