Freedom weekend! 🐾❤️

Today we decided to Hire a secure field so that Amos and Toby could have some freedom.


More so for Amos as he is always on lead unless in our garden. As he is a foster dog he is not allowed off lead as that is a term of the foster agreement, also for Amos going off lead would be even more scary as he is still very nervous of new noises and situations.
This was Amos’ first real experience being off lead as if we go somewhere that isn’t busy etc. He does get more freedom but is on his training line so still can’t properly mooch or play as much as he may like to.
We booked a field at Fido’s Fields and were fairly impressed – it was £6 per hour for the field (we had two slots booked) and it was plenty big enough for the boys to have a good old run around!
The track to get to the fields is rather bumpy – I wouldn’t recommend driving down the track if you need a wee 🙈
We will definitely be taking the boys back soon for another session!!
Amos loved the freedom he mooched around had a good old sniff played with Toby, posed for photos and we practised some training.
He also found some bird (a big bird!!) poop and decided to roll around in that for a while …. but it was his first off lead experience and what does a bit of poop matter between friends? 😂
It was really nice for Toby too – as most walks at the moment (unless it’s a Toby time walk just me and him) he isn’t getting to go off lead as much, as we are focussing on Amos’ training and making sure he’s well managed (reducing the amount of woofing at people and noises) which make it harder to have eyes on Toby, he does of course still get his off lead time but isn’t as relaxing as it was pre Amos!
Hiring the field meant there would be no people or dogs to have to worry about so they both had compete free reign to do as they pleased!
Amos joined in on Toby’s game of frisbee as best he could and had a whale of a time chasing Toby and trying to convince Toby to play with him!
We did a little bit of training practice whilst we were there – but I mostly just wanted the boys to mooch and play and have some freedom so nothing too taxing for them!
They are both completely zonked now – the wrestling and chasing and sniffing must all have been too much for them, I’ve never had such a peaceful afternoon!
I don’t feel like I’ve walked much today – but it makes a nice change from last weeks mammoth walk!
Normal service will resume next weekend and Toby and I will no doubt be out for a larger adventure followed by a mini adventure with Amos!
We hope you’ve had a good Saturday!! ❤️

12 thoughts on “Freedom weekend! 🐾❤️

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. The last picture just sums up the whole day so eloquently put in your words. Amos looking at Toby, and his expression just says Im happy, I feel safe and I think you are a good pal.


  2. Awwwww, Amazon g pics and see Amos enjoying his first off lead experience. Must be so scary for him not being able to see bit he clearly doesn’t let that spoil his fun. Your dogs are very lucky to have you Jess, the time you invest in them is amazing and we get to share all their wonderful experiences xx

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