Starting the weekend on a high! 🏆

This weekend we are celebrating the triumph of the week!

(The weekend hiccups don’t change that!!)
After eight weeks of puppy training on Thursday evening Amos graduated puppy class!
He has been amazing throughout the training and has completely blown through any concerns I had completing training courses with a blind dog!
Certain elements of the training we had to amend slightly to suit him but he just got on with it!
It’s been a massive joint effort – Billy and I, and even Toby have worked our socks off – and so it will continue!
He’s got a couple of weeks off now before he starts on his Bronze Kennel club training!
This morning I decided to take them both to Moel Famau for a little jaunt – boy was that a mistake!
I left early thinking it wouldn’t be too busy but it was 😫
I took the less well trodden path (thankfully I had never been aiming to get to the top today – as I don’t want to push Amos to walk too far too fast) and joined the main path for a short stretch.
It was heaving – which means Amos gets very (very) vocal – he doesn’t really understand the footsteps and the voices he can hear.
This is usually the case until he has been somewhere a few times as once he is familiar with a place he is less likely to be confused by the noises.
Where we walk him locally he can easily be distracted so he doesn’t react to noises etc. And he is more inclined to focus on us instead of the distractions. It is more difficult in new places, but we want him to experience as much as possible and although loud he is manageable (just about – for a weakling like me)
We still managed to have a fairly nice walk – I have one arm longer than the other now, I’m pretty certain a staffy head shaped bruise on my leg and extremely muddy pants but what can you do?! 😂
We stopped off at Ginger and Browns on the way home to stock up on goodies for the boys – this week we gave the camel hide a miss (it STINKS!) and went for beef hearts and a few other bits instead!
I’ve spent the afternoon listening to the boys eat some of their weird chews whilst I did a spot of DIY 🙈
I’m very impressed with what I made! It’s meant as a children’s storage space but I thought it’d be perfect for the boys!
After some synchronised chewing – Amos stole Toby’s bed and proceeded to fall out of it – it’s a small bed on a small raised bed – he was half on and half off 🙈😂
Toby (wisely might I add) chose the comfort of chewing on the sofa 😂
Amos spent most of the afternoon/evening napping so me and Toby snuck out for solo walk!
We went to Anderton for a little potter around and to let Toby have some off lead time as he didn’t get any this morning (sheep and so I could keep an eye on him as well as Amos)
He had a whale of a time as always when he gets to have a sniff party and amble around at whatever pace suits him!
We hope you’ve all had a good Saturday!

4 thoughts on “Starting the weekend on a high! 🏆

  1. Your posts always make me smile! 😀
    Our dog is often scared of people and especially of dogs, so we try to find the less used roads just about everywhere. This weekend we were out of luck as well. It was a very challenging hike for Roxy, but she did great. Only freaked out once! (and when a 9 year old comes charging your way with a stick in hand, it is only fair to get a bit scared). 🙂


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