Bank Holiday Adventure 🐾

We decided to get up and out early this morning as we had read the weather was supposed to be really good so wanted to make sure the boys had been for a decent walk before the heat of the day and also to avoid people as they are still quite stressful / distracting for Amos when he is out and about.


Today was Amos’ first official climb – we took him to the roaches to see how he managed with the terrain and climbing and clambering over rocks etc.
With a little help from Toby, he was incredible! He has always body bumped
Toby to work out where he is so today Toby had to make sure he stayed on the right side to keep Amos following on the path!
Amos took it all in his stride slowed down so he could fathom what was in front of him and went with it! Nibbled Toby as usual and played the “I want to follow you to nibble your tail” game which Toby tolerates admirably (usually because he knows he can’t reach him in time)
One of the reasons we fostered Amos was because I wanted him to have a chance to have adventure! I feel like a lot of people would let the fact he’s blind stop him from being an adventure pup – but I can honestly say he loves it and he adapts so well and deserves the chance to explore and experience new things!
Toby wasn’t as thrilled to have the big goofball join us on this mornings adventure – especially as Amos likes to nibble his face when they walk (extra points if you notice the photos where Amos has been “grooming” Toby prior to the photo!) however Toby is super tolerant of him and really makes me proud at how he looks out for him 😍
We had decided we would try to make it to Docksey Pool today depending on how Amos managed the terrain.
I didn’t want to try and get to the trig point with him as he is still growing and I don’t want him to over do it especially as this was a new place for him with lots of new smells and new obstacles to deal with.
As Amos did so well with the new terrain we managed to get to Docksey Pool so the boys got to have a little paddle and play in the water before we turned back to rejoin the other path to the car.
That was where it got tricky – Amos is very confident on the up and the climb, he’s not as confident with the coming down aspect of exploring.
I let him take his time and coaxed him, Toby would trundle ahead and then double back to Amos to try and guide him down. There was one section I had to carry him down a few steps which now he’s such a beast was hard going! But we didn’t tumble into a ravine so that’s always a bonus! 😂
The two boys have spent the rest of the day napping whilst I have been doing odd jobs, I’m doing some baking this evening (human) so no doubt I will have an avid audience for that.
We’ll head to the park much later when it’s cooled down for another little explore!
P.S we hope you all made the most of Star Wars Day Yesterday 🤓

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