Bank Holiday Fun 🏊🏻‍♂️🏖

Today we decided to take the boys for a beach day as both Billy and I were off!

It would be Amos’ first ever beach trip so we wanted to take him somewhere more likely to be quiet so he could enjoy it without the distractions of other people or dogs – so we decided to head to Anglesey.


We checked the weather and it didn’t look the best – but that hopefully meant there would be even less people about!


Toby loves the beach! He always has done – he doesn’t like swimming but he does like paddling and playing fetch in the water.


We thought Amos might be a water baby as he seems to seek out all the puddles – and this is exactly what he did on the walk down to the beach, paddle in ALL the puddles 😂

When we arrived at the section of beach that we had visited last time was completed covered with water 😮


We had tried to check the tide times for the beach but when we checked on the map we couldn’t find the name of the beach, we just knew it was near RAF Valley 🙄


It didn’t matter either way as we just took the boys up and over the dunes to the other side of the beach where there was a stretch of beach to play on – the completely drowned side of the beach / carpark was a good place for Toby to play fetch without the waves pinching his toy as like I say he’ll paddle but not swim 😂


This is my favourite outtake from the day – Toby looking at his most beautiful 😂


Amos took it all in his stride – the noise of the waves and the birds worried him a little but we let him think it through and he was soon up and paddling in the sea like a pro 🏊🏻‍♂️


He followed Toby in a few times but couldn’t join in the game of fetch – Toby ran the toy towards him a few times but Amos didn’t join in so he gave up on that pretty quickly.


We hope you’ve all had a fun bank holiday – hopefully with better weather than us!!


Thanks for reading! 🐾❤️