Norfolk by the Sea – Part 2 🏖🛶

So we left the last post just before we headed out to for dinner at the Nelson Head in Horsey.


This was Amos’ first pub trip so we were well prepared with an array of goodies to distract and entertain him!
Toby had obviously had a serious word with him about how much fun being a “pub-dog” can be as they were both amazing!
We had a beautiful meal (I was too full for pudding which makes me very sad) but the staff were so lovely and very accommodating to my weird requests to make a veggie meal I’ll enjoy!
We had a lovely evening and got to chat some more to the lovely Vicki and Dean all about Norfolk by the Sea, dogs and holidays!
Thursday 26th April
Toby and I had an early morning beach trip and left Billy and Amos to sleep in.
It was beautiful weather – the best weather we’ve had for our stay here so Toby and I made the most of the sunshine playing on the beach for a good hour or more before heading back to the house to get Billy and Amos up!
 The beaches are beyond gorgeous and so quiet – every time I have been to the beach whilst we have been staying here I have only seen a handful of other people / dogs each time!
Perfect for a relaxing walk and play in the dunes and on the beach 🏖
 We planned that on Thursday we would also go to another beach close by (thank goodness it was the day with the best weather) to go on an expedition to see if we could see the seals at Horsey Beach!
We took the boys to the new beach and took their summer attire for a sunshiney beach photo!
We were so excited to actually see the seals – we would definitely recommend if you are in this area to pay a visit to Horsey to see the seals! 😍
We stayed for a little while just watching and listening to them – I just found them fascinating and watching them swim in the sea and wiggle around on the shore was just amazing!
After we had had our fill of the seals we let the dogs have a bit more of a mooch around the beach and up into the dunes before heading to Norwich to nip to Pets at Home!
We stocked up on some training treats and lamb spaghetti for the greedy boys to munch on later that day!
We also went for a little exploration to the church ruins that is within walking distance of the houses we are staying in – which was just beautiful and made for some gorgeous pictures of the boys! 😍
I’ve still yet to decide where to take Toby on Saturday morning for his last stretch before we leave (Amos will get a smaller walk as he is still not able to do as much as Toby whilst he’s still growing) it’s a toss up between the church walk or the dunes walk!
We had a really nice evening we made use of the beautiful kitchen once more and cooked a meal – which once again was just made so easy by the design and set up of the gorgeous kitchen!
I even managed to snap a gorgeous picture of the house we are staying in with the sun set in the background! 😍
Friday 27th April
Our last day of hollibobs 😫
We had planned a really relaxed day for today – as we needed to pack and sort ourselves out for leaving tomorrow, I had a little pamper session booked with Vicki at The Lavender Room for a facial in the morning – what can I say it was utterly amazing! So relaxing and just a perfect addition to the holiday!
The Lavender Room is literally minutes walk from the holiday properties so is perfect to give yourself a little holiday treat.
Vicki is just amazing and makes you feel right at home and relaxed from the moment you arrive! – which for me being my socially awkward self is always something I love 😍
The Lavender Room like everything else at Norfolk by the Sea is just beyond beautiful and well worth a visit if you are in the area of the holiday lets.
After my pamper session it was back to the house to pack some stuff (the dogs have too much luggage!!) and then some inside games and training with the pups whilst the weather wasn’t the best, I made the most of the games that are provided in the houses – there was a jigsaw too but I though that would be unfair on Amos as he can’t see to help build it …. at least with dominoes I can tell him the numbers 😂😂
We then made use of the tonne of training equipment I had brought to use with the boys and did little bits of training with them individually – Toby is proudly modelling “training corner” as we fondly named it!
We had to brave the rain after that however to take the pups for a walk to the beach to let them burn off some steam!
We went for a play on the beach and had a game of fetch – which Amos managed to join in on as Toby was having a vocal game so Amos couldn’t miss him or his toy 😂
It was lovely to see Amos running around with Toby as he doesn’t often run he is one of life’s plodders so him running around having fun was just heart warming to see! Especially after Toby running rings around him the previous day on the grassed play areas – he finally enticed him to join in!
We payed a final trip to Dunes Cafe and made the most of one of their huts to sit with the boys and have a hot chocolate out of the rain – we went without cake today (possibly a mistake) but the hot chocolate is divine all by itself 😍
We are having a cosy evening in tonight- preferably making use of the wood burner (it was Billy’s homework to read up how to use it!) to finish off what has been the perfect first holiday for Billy, the boys and myself!
I cannot recommend Norfolk by the Sea enough, it has been truly amazing and we are already planning to return next year! ❤️
We are sad to be leaving after having such a blissful break, but can’t wait to come back and do it all again!
Toby and Amos have had an amazing time and everywhere we have been has been so dog friendly and having them with us has made the holiday even better – they are suitably pooped from our exciting week! 🐾
Thanks for reading! 💚🧡

5 thoughts on “Norfolk by the Sea – Part 2 🏖🛶

  1. Absolutely love the adventures of Toby and Amos, and look forward to finding the next chapter in my inbox each week. I travel the world with my cat, Champagne, and we have wonderful adventures as well. The airlines refuse to grant her a frequent flyer card though…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Norfolk is one of our favourite places too and we have always found it super dog friendly almost everywhere and the pubs and food amazing. So lovely to see your photos and making us homesick for our favourite home away from home!


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