Saturday with the mini monsters! 🧟‍♀️🐾

Today didn’t start off quite as we imagined – we had a vet visit with Toby as he had an issue with his gentleman area, nothing to worry about though the vet thinks he’s been bitten by an ant like critter which makes sense after his cavort about in the long grass and daffodils yesterday evening, but better to be safe than sorry!


Then we had a joint mini adventure, Amos isn’t able to do long adventures as he’s still growing and as he gets very tired easily as he’s having to use his nose to process everything.

We decided to head to the Cloud in Congleton – to start getting Amos used to the noises and smells around there as it is a walk we do a fair few times throughout the summer.


It was a mud bath – which Amos seemed to thoroughly enjoy, Teflon Toby isn’t too fussed about mud if he has to wade through he will if he can avoid it he will – usually he’s good to follow as he tends to find the least muddy route 😉

We didn’t do the full walk at the Cloud as Amos was starting to get tired but both boys had a good old rummage about in the woods and had a good play in the mud!


The Cloud is quite an uneven footpath so that added additional work for Amos as he has to negotiate the rocks and tree stumps.

He did a sterling job though and takes it all in his stride. Toby as always was being his helpful self and waited with Amos when he stopped to think about new noises, he’s worked out it can sometimes take a while so will occasionally make the most of the mid walk rest period 😂


We then headed off to Gus and Bear which began our pet shop tour for the day – lots of good exposure for Amos to get him well socialised in lots of different places and to work on his frustration in certain situations.


The boys loved a good pet shop mooch all the interesting smells and cuddles from members of staff and free treats obviously!


After a little nap / chew time at home we then headed off to continue the pet shop tour to bents – we didn’t stop too long at Bents as it was very busy and it was clear Amos was finding it tough.

Our final stop of the day was to Ginger and Browns (which is Amos and Toby’s go to pet shop!) to stock up on treats (all this puppy training and Toby training is getting through the good stuff) and pizzle sticks for the young monster.


Then for a relaxing evening in (whilst billy watches the football) with the two sleepy woofs!

Hope you’ve had a lovely Saturday! 🧡🐾



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