Easter Weekend 🐣


Good Friday we had a mini adventure to Dunham Massey to introduce Amos to Bert and Ernie (Billy’s parents puppy dogs)

It went fairly well (from an Amos training point of view) – but it was heaving, so isn’t somewhere we would normally go on a bank holiday, we did go fairly early though so thankfully missed the hoards of people that seemed to be going into the park as we were leaving!

We didn’t get any pictures of the boys at Dunham sadly as we were too busy working through the distractions with Amos!

We took the pups home after that so they could both have a little rest before I took them for their Easter egg hunt!


The boys had a little Easter photo shoot and egg hunt in the afternoon at Little Budworth Country Park.


Mental stimulation and using their noses is just as important for the woofs as physical exercise and I try to make sure that Toby has a mixture of activities that engage his brain and nose, he is sometimes scatter fed, or does searches for his food, does training or tricks for his dinner and uses puzzles also!

I have also introduced this to Amos also, to help him use his excess puppy energy and to help keep his brain busy!


The Easter egg hunt is a fab way to do this out and about – they have to search and crack the eggs open to find the treats – Toby is really gentle with them and I still had some eggs left from last year, this year with Amos the eggs are slightly worse for wear 😂 he’s got such a big mouth 😂


Easter Saturday was just me and Toby for an adventure as Amos was goosed from his busy brain day on Friday – he spent a nice day at home with Billy with a few little walks sprinkled in!


Toby and I headed off for an explore at Dovedale in the Peak District – I have blogged about a route we have walked there before and we followed a similar route today but took more time to go off up little paths and explore!


We didn’t get any nice photos on the stepping stones like I usually do as they were flooded – so for some sections of the walk it was more of a wade than a walk! 😂


We explored in some of the caves along the path which meant we got to do a bit of climbing which is always fun!


It was a little busier than usual today but no surprise really with it being a bank holiday weekend – once we got past the stepping stones though it was much quieter – just what me and Toby like!


Dovedale is a walk we would definitely recommend to others – there are a few sections that dogs need to be on lead as there are sheep dotted around but it is a beautiful really easy to follow walk!


There are plenty of sections to wander off the path and explore the caves and woodland a little more which is great for nosy dogs and anyone walking with kids!


We hope you are all having a good bank holiday weekend so far!


Happy Easter from us! 🐣


3 thoughts on “Easter Weekend 🐣

  1. Happy Easter!! We have visited Dunham Massey when we have been in that part of England and have never seen it any other than heaving with people! Even on a mid week summer’s day pouring with rain!
    Loving your walks and adventures!!


  2. Their personalities are so unique – filling each picture with their persona – and memorable!

    I wonder how it would be if this blog was written from a first persons’ perspective, from the viewpoint of the canine!

    …And then I packed on my little green back-pack and paw-stepped my way across the waterfall!…

    Liked by 2 people

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