Partial Snow Day ☃️🐾

This morning Toby and I made the most of the early morning wake up (to give Amos his breakfast and take him out for his early walk) to then sneak out for a morning of playing in the snow!


We left Amos to have a lazy morning with his pops as I didn’t think he’d appreciate being out in the snow for a long period and Toby and I were due some one on one time ☺️


Toby and I headed to Loggerheads Country Park – the drive is all main roads but the country park usually has good snow!

We had a whale of a time in the snow! Toby was well wrapped up with his fleece and backpack – he’d got his first aid kits incase one of us had a snow related injury!


He also had his Ruffwear Grip Trex Boots on for the majority of today’s walk to help protect his feet, they are amazing little boots and although we don’t use them very often are always in my rucksack incase he needs them – he’s got a slight crack on one pad so today he wore them for 90% of the walk and then did a short stretch without them, which kept his feet icicles to a minimum!


We got to loggerhead really early – about half 8 so we had the park pretty much to ourselves which was bliss – lots of fresh snow for Toby to play in ☃️


After our jaunt in the snow we headed back home to go for an afternoon and walk with the little one!

We decided to walk at Whitegate Way this afternoon, somewhere new for Amos to sniff and explore and a nice flat footpath for me and Toby to do some training and tricks!


Amos coped really well with another new place – lots of new interesting smells (horse manure 🤮) and a few people and dogs sprinkled in!

He’s getting much braver and more confident now and it is so nice for me and Billy to see our hard work with him is paying off ☺️


We took the pups for a little pet shop tour as we needed to stop by Ginger and Browns (our local pet shop) to stock up on chews for the teething monster 😂 but we also paid a trip to bents as it is usually a little busier so we thought we’d use it as a little socialisation exercise for Amos / he took the noise and the hustle and bustle all in his stride! Presumably due to the very rewarding smells throughout the visit and the help of some training treats along the way!


In other news we did a little weight check on the pups – Toby was around his usual mark of 8.5kg (he usually fluctuates between 8.3 – 8.7kg)
Amos the whopper weighed in at 11.6kg today we last weighed him 2 weeks ago and he was 10.2kg 🙈


We’ve had a lovely but cold day we hope you’ve all had a fun Saturday ❤️

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