An Introduction to Adventuring 🐾🏔

Today Toby and I took Amos for a mini adventure – we went to Teggs Nose in Macclesfield.


Amos has been struggling a little bit in the mornings with our walks round the block – there is obviously something he’s not sure of but we can’t work it out, he walks much better in the afternoon / evening, but it may be that in the morning there are more people getting ready for work or milling about, any way we don’t know what it is just yet, but regardless we don’t want Amos to have a closed off life so want to make sure he experienced lots of different places in a fun and enjoyable way to help set him up for his future!


We armed ourselves with some nana bells for Toby’s backpack, a 10m long line (so Amos could safely experience a bit of freedom) a tonne of puppy treats and a whole lot of time!


Amos was SO brave in these brand new surroundings! Toby of course was a dream as usual – he guided Amos with his nana bells and made lots of stops to reassure Amos.


Toby is completely overwhelming me with just how amazing he is being with Amos, he’s just taken him under his wing and is always reassuring him and generally being a fab foster brother! 😍

So the boys explored – Amos sniffed EVERYTHING and we took as much time as he needed! He managed the terrain so well and just took it all in his stride!


Toby as always loved the adventure (even if it was smaller than his usual adventures) and it made such a change to have nice weather!!

Teggs Nose has a gorgeous cafe also that does great hot chocolate and crumpets 😍 however that would have been pushing Amos too far for today I think, so we gave it a miss!


We walked a route that should take approximately 30 mins however with sniffy little Amos we took 1h30 to pootle, rest and let him take it all in!

When we got to the big field Toby had a mad ten minutes of running like a loon and Amos settled down for a nap!


For the walk back to the car in order to protect little pups joints Amos hitched a ride in the rucksack and Toby continued the sniffathon on his behalf!


Toby and Amos did me proud on our mini adventure, they were both such good boys! 😍🐾

I’m so pleased with how many good photos I got of the first shared adventure! I’m especially a fan of this blooper 😂


The day then took a turn for the poop however as the better half has been admitted to hospital with appendicitis 😣both the woofs however coped with the ambulance staff in the house admirably and were perfect pups whilst Billy and I were at the hospital.

Fingers crossed that my Billy has a speedy recovery! ❤️

We hope you’ve had an enjoyable but less eventful Saturday than us!

3 thoughts on “An Introduction to Adventuring 🐾🏔

  1. I hope Billy makes a swift recovery – the same thing happened to me years ago and I was a bit wishy washy for a couple of weeks after the surgery! Not able to lift or cook!! Love seeing Amos’ adventures with Toby and hope he settles in for good! Friends had a blind cocker spaniel and his brother (real this time) was his guide dog all his life – you would never have known he was blind!


  2. I love reading your adventures.,absolutely love Toby and Amos who looks the most gorgeous little pup.
    I hope Billy makes a swift recovery from his admission to hospital, let’s hope he’s alot more comfortable today xx


  3. Firstly, we wish Billy a swift recovery….
    You guys are so inspiring, I love the blogs before Amos came along, but he has just added so much more to it. And Toby is an absolute star!!
    Thanks for sharing, stay safe and have a good week – to all of you from me, Ursl and Jack (a Toby wanttobe!!)


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