The unexpected arrival of Amos 🐾

So we’ve had a very busy week – life in the Martin / Howe household has changed dramatically due to the arrival of Amos.

For those Harry Potter fans amongst you – it could be a splinter story from the Tri-wizard tournament 🤓

Amos is our foster puppy, who we are in the process of potty training, lead training, life training (I’ll explain shortly) and integrating with Toby.


So as you can imagine the week has been super busy and has completely flown by!

We introduced them last Saturday afternoon and brought Amos home on Sunday evening last week!

Toby and Amos are adapting well to each other’s company and if everything continues to go smoothly between them we are very hopeful that we could potentially add Amos to the family tree, Toby has been a solo pup for 8 years so we need to ensure that this is the right match for him as well as being the right home for the pup.


We would love to keep him but we can’t rush into the decision without first making sure both of the dogs will be happy to co-habit and that ultimately we are doing what is best for both of the pups and not just for us.

So there is a little something you should all know about Amos – he’s completely blind, he was sadly born blind so has never known any different – and this is where the life training comes in!


So far in the 6 days we’ve had Amos we’ve got him used to the telly, the washing machine and the noise the oven makes and he’s generally coming on in leaps and bounds in the house, we’ve also taught him to sit and are working on down at the moment 👍🏼

He worked out pretty quickly how to get on the sofa (to snuggle Toby) and within a few days had also worked out how to get off the sofa (albeit in a VERY dramatic fashion!!)


He’s making slow but sure progress on the walking front (all new noises make him a little nervous – understandably) Toby is showing what an amazing dog he is – he’s helping Amos learn how to walk on a lead, and helps guide him on walks as Amos follows the noise of Toby’s collar.

Toby is however not loving the early morning wake ups to take the pup into the garden (he’s a leisurely animal who isn’t fond of an early morning never mind 6 days on the trot!)


This morning as a little treat I took Toby for a play at the beach – to give him some time away from the pup and another walk at normal speed as walks with Amos are a little too snail paced for Toby!


He had a whale of a time (as he always does at the beach!) and it was nice to have some time just me and him after our very eventful week!


There is nothing nicer than a morning at the beach with my little dude – and he deserves a big treat for being such a good boy with Amos and for being so tolerant of getting walked into (not that Amos can help it)


We can’t wait to take Amos to the beach and on other adventures too but at the moment we are focussing on building his confidence on walks more local to us and letting him take his time to understand the world around him!

We have discovered his favourite pastime is napping – it’s tiring work having to sniff the entire world around you!


We hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and a fun Saturday!


5 thoughts on “The unexpected arrival of Amos 🐾

  1. What a lovely thing to do for Amos, I hope everything goes to plan
    and they both enjoy each other’s company. Loved reading your story


  2. Oh wow how amazing you & Toby are!! I truly hope everything works out for all of you & little Amos. He is very lucky to have found you & your amazing pooch. Best kf luck keep us posted 😗😗😗


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