A day at Dovestone 🤓🐾

Today we have been adventuring to the Peak District, we went to Dovestone 🐾


Dovestone is a walk we have done before but not for a long time!

The weather for today was pretty bad wherever I looked, so we settled on the Peak District as it meant even if we got drowned whilst we were out we only had just under an hour to drive to get back to home and warmth 😍


Dovestone is within Saddleworth Moor in Greater Manchester there are a few nice routes in the area that can be explored!

Parking is 60p for 3 hours or £1.30 for all day which is pretty reasonable I think!

The route around Dovestone is fairly easy to follow, we did take a little detour (it was intentional though) so that we could have a little climb up to a picturesque little section on the moor but then dropped back down to re-join the main path.


In order to drop back to the main path we had to negotiate some very muddy and boggy sections of moorland! Toby being a super adventurer is usually lead in sections like that as he always finds the best path! 🙈


There are some repair works going on at the moment until April 2018 so part of the path is closed, there were signs advising of all of this throughout the walk, but it advised there was another route that could be followed.


One we got to the section that was closed there was a sign saying we had 2 choices;
1. Turn back the way we’d come to get back to the car park or
2. Follow the route round Yeoman Hey

The sign says that the route has “some muddy and rough sections” that was an understatement!!! 😂


It was a slightly difficult path there was lots of mud to negotiate but it was so much fun!!

By the end of that section I had got very wet feet and Toby had got stuck in some mud 🙈


The route round Yeoman Hey is definitely one I’d do again next time we visit Dovestone as it added a little bit more adventure to the walk!

There is livestock (mainly sheep) around this route so if you fancy trying it with your dog there are sections where they will need to be on a lead, there are several sections they can be off-lead though.


There are also lots of places to paddle – not really the weather for it today but Toby is partial to a paddle every now and again! 🐶


We only did 6 miles today, which is a small weekend adventure for us, but as the weather was so bad, neither me or Toby minded 😂


We also got to try out our present from Ruffwear that arrived this week!
Toby’s new stash bag (poo bag holder) that matches his back pack 🤓
We think it’s fab – it attaches to the lead but isn’t too clunky and doesn’t get in the way of adventures! 🐾


We hope you’ve all had a fun adventure Saturday 🏔🌲

3 thoughts on “A day at Dovestone 🤓🐾

  1. Hello. I read your blog quite often. I did have three BTs all ten year old ,but lost my boy Mack two months ago and am still devastated.
    A few minutes ago I went on Facebook and saw you had put up a new blog. Just before I clicked I thought wouldn’t it be brilliant Wonderdog came to Dovestones Greenfield – I click on the blog and you have just been. How weird was that. It was Marks favourite place and he still walks around the resovoir with us when we go back .

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