When planning doesn’t work! 🙄

Today’s adventure didn’t quite go according to plan.

The intention was to do our nine mile route at Teggs Nose!


The weather was vile! We arrived in Langley and began to make our way up Teggs Nose, we got the top and couldn’t see a thing and were getting thoroughly blown around!


Unfortunately there was also shooting / bird scarers going off – which make for an unhappy Toby 😣

We decided that we would make the most of the cafe at the Teggs Nose car park to give ourselves half an hour or so to see if the weather cleared up at all.


The cafe is dog friendly so we went in for a warm and I had a hot chocolate and two crumpets (which I shared with Toby of course) 😍

The weather didn’t seem to improve much so I decided we’d brave it and carry on our route, once we got walking again however the shooting was getting more frequent so Toby was getting more anxious, thankfully I know a few other routes around the area so thought it would be best to cut the walk short, an unhappy Toby makes for an unhappy walk!


I went down the lane which leads to the alternative route I know, but spotted another sign for Langley which is where we parked so decided I’d try that path instead!


It was a nice little path back to the car, Toby got to have another little run off-lead which cheered him up, there were stepping stones which Toby loves and we got back to the car just as the heavens opened again!!


We’d only done 4 miles which is pretty pants for a Saturday adventure!

I decided as I was driving home that I would take him on another little mini adventure closer to home.


Marbury and Anderton which are our usual haunts near home also shoot on a Saturday so they were out so I decided that Pickmere was a good plan.


I was wrong!

There was some more shooting and a shed load of mud the mud we don’t mind the shooting we do!!


This meant we didn’t get far on the second adventure either as Toby was getting anxious again, we had a little play in the mud and on the pier and decided that was enough!


So although our Saturday didn’t go to plan we still had fun & got very muddy and managed to squeeze six miles in (not our best but hey hum) 😊


Hope you’ve all had fun Saturday! ❤️


2 thoughts on “When planning doesn’t work! 🙄

  1. I love hearing about the adventures of Toby. I’m hoping to have a Border Terrier this year (changing circumstances) so in the meantime I follow the BT Posse on Twitter, which is where I found your blog.

    Thank you for writing it 😀


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