Our supplement saviours 🤓

Toby has been on Supplements for a little over a year now.

He has been on natural supplements that are produced by K9 Elite Products, this is the sister company of the more well-known company in the Equine world – KM Elite Products.

I can honestly say that I am amazed with the benefits the supplements have had on Toby’s general health, fitness and tummy troubles!


For him I use the Turmeric Vitality which contains:
– Turmeric
– Tart Cherry Extract
– Sea Buckthorn
– Moringa

Since taking this is have noticed a big difference in Toby’s tummy troubles – he has always had a sensitive tummy and the slightest thing can give him an upset stomach, since taking this supplement each day he is hardly having any troubles with his tummy – which is incredible for him!

He also takes the Ultimate Flex for working dogs, this is specially formulated for working dogs or dogs with more serious joint problems.


Obviously Toby has his old back injury so I like to try and limit the risk of that happening to him again.

This was also a god send when we were in training for our Charity Walk in Summer as Toby was walking 18 miles most Saturdays of the summer so this (coupled with regular vet MOT’s) gave me peace of mind.

Now this tends to be the supplement he has before and after a particularly adventurous walk, or climb.


With Toby being such an adventure pup it gives me peace of mind knowing that his joints are being cared for on a daily basis (Tumeric Vitality) and in order to prepare him for bigger adventures (Ultimate Flex).


He has regular check-ups at the vets and they are pleased with his overall condition and have on the past few visits mentioned what good condition his joints are in and that he is in tip top form for a dog of his age.


Along with taking these supplements to keep him in tip top condition I obviously also ensure that he has lots of different forms of exercise in order to keep him fit as a fiddle.

Some of the things we like to do are:

– trick training

– obedience training

– hiking / walking (obviously!!)

– skating (Toby not me 😂)

– search games

I also want to start doing some scent work with him which is something I’ll hopefully look into more this year!

Another key thing for Toby is his food, I have also recently switched him to Grain Free food – which is also helping his stomach issues (as I say these were less frequent since taking his supplements but occasionally a certain type of treat/food would give him an upset stomach)


I can highly recommend K9 Elite products – I have been using them for over a year and am more than happy with them.

Their customer Service is second to none and they are always very helpful with any questions.


I was fortunate enough to meet representatives from the Company at a Show in 2016 and have an in depth chat with them about the products and benefits they could have for Toby.

If you require any further information about the products head over to their website or FB page they will be more than happy to help! ❤️

One thought on “Our supplement saviours 🤓

  1. The pictures of Toby posing with the products are amazing jess! He really should get into showbiz!
    I’m happy he has found products that help his tummy!


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