A Sunday treat ❤️

Today I had a rare Sunday off work!

We had a little treat of Breakfast in bed – even Toby had his own mini bacon sandwiches 😍 (a rare treat for him – after yesterday’s big adventure the extra calories did him good!!)


Then we headed off to Wales for a walk – the plan was originally to go to Nant Mill – but the roads were terrible and we just weren’t brave enough to venture down the very slippy and icy hill (more for the fear of not getting back up 🙈)

We ended up having a little trip to Erddig instead – much safer drive!

We’ve never been to Erddig before so had a little explore (nothing major today after yesterday’s excursion!) the weather was against us again and the paths were a mixture of ice and mud 😂


Toby wasn’t impressed with the cup and saucer waterfall – me and Billy were on the other hand! 😂


We only walked for just over an hour at the park, before we were all frozen to the core and some of us (namely me) had very wet feet after mud-judging the depth of a puddle 🙄


I think another explore will be in order on a day where the weather isn’t against us so much!


After our walk and a delightful game of musical cars trying to avoid the horrendous icy puddles to get back into the car we headed to the Red Lion in Penyffordd for a drink and a warm by the fire!


After a little warm up and a portion of chips, we then headed back to the photographer’s who did Toby’s photo shoot before Christmas, today we’ve picked up our artwork (a framed photo and an album full of Toby pictures! ❤️)


I’m completely in love with them and can’t wait to put the framed photo up which hopefully we will get up soon! ❤️

We’ve had a really nice relaxing Sunday and there is nothing better than a little treat day with my two favourite boys 😍


Toby and I hope you’ve had a great weekend! 🐾




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