An extra long Adventure 🐾

Today we decided to head to Millers Dale again and walk the Monsal Trail!


I fancied a longer walk today and the Monsal Trail is a great long walk – as you don’t have to concentrate on paths or turnings it is just a straight path, with some gorgeous scenery and tunnels along the way!


Millers Dale is £4.50 to park all day and there are toilets at the car park, there are stops along the way (the other stations) where you can stop for refreshments or a loo break should you need it!

I’d checked the weather and thought we were in for a fairly good day, apparently I or maybe the weather app was wrong!


The route from my house to Millers Dale isn’t that bad of a drive – usually! Today wasn’t the best as soon as we hit Macclesfield it started to get snowy and we had to drive over the Cat and Fiddle to get to Millers Dale, the drive was a little bit treacherous to say the least!

It took us slightly longer than usual to get there because of the bad roads and weather but we still got there relatively early!

We decided before we started we would just have a little explore of the section before Millers Dale so went for a little sniff round Chee Dale and followed the stream which led us round a mini loop back to the main path near the car park.


I’d decided I wanted us to go all the way to Bakewell Station today as we have done some other sections before but had never been all the way to Bakewell!


Our walk much like the drive was slower than usual as large chunks of the path were ice and although Toby was well equipped with first aid kits I didn’t fancy a stumble!

I had packed Toby’s new rain cover for his back pack but didn’t think we would need it as like I said I’d checked the incorrect weather report 😂


We walked for about an hour before we got thoroughly snowed on so Toby got to model his rain covered backpack for the rest of the walk!

He wore the rain cover for the majority of the walk and had no problems at all (other than a few people thinking he was wearing buoyancy aids 🙄🙄)


Other than the weather being against us we’ve had a lovely walk – we stopped along the way at Hassop Station so Toby could have some of his snacks and a photo opportunity.


There are some seats outside but under cover – dogs aren’t allowed inside, which is fine but makes life difficult if you are walking on your own with a dog.
Despite plenty of signs advising to keep Dogs on leads there was a dog roaming loose around the outside cafe area so we didn’t stop too long!


We made it all the way to Bakewell Station despite the icy paths and slightly poop weather!


As this is a there and back walk we turned back on ourselves at Bakewell station and re-traced our steps along the path back to Millers Dale – all in all we walked for about 4 and a half hours and did 12.5 miles which is the longest walk we’ve done so far this year!


After a slightly scary drive home (cat and fiddle was even worse driving home!!) Toby is now snuggled up having a well deserved nap before he has his favourite post-adventure tea – SPRATS 😬

We’ve got an exciting outing again tomorrow, this time with the addition of my better half! ❤️


Hope you have all had a great Saturday!

3 thoughts on “An extra long Adventure 🐾

  1. Hi Jess and Toby,

    We are really enjoying reading about your adventures…keep them coming!!

    Toby’s outfit looks great – can you tell me the make and model of the jacket he is wearing and and the backpack??….

    We are also in the Group Borderfest, as Ade Inbayern.

    Have a great evening and an even better Sunday!

    Ade, Ursl and Jack


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