Another Saturday Adventure 🏔

Today we decided to adventure to Snowdonia National Park to do one of the most gorgeous walks we’ve discovered in our time as adventure pals!


Devils Kitchen, which sounds horrible but it is beyond beautiful! The walk itself isn’t too long – only about 3 miles so we usually do at least two laps of the lake.


There is a lower and a higher path – the higher path is currently having some work done so is closed at the moment – we have still gone over that path before but you have to climb across a fairly large waterfall – last time I was there I enlisted the help of two gentleman to help me get Toby across, got to the other side and then slipped and pulled my quad! Lesson learnt however and today the weather was appalling so there wasn’t a chance I was going to brave the super slippy path over the waterfall!


We climbed to just before the waterfall as the view is stunning but then dropped back down to the lower path to continue round the lake.


The scenery is breathtaking! Even on days like today when the weather isn’t the best it is still amazing!

It’s a fair drive to Snowdonia National Park for me – but completely worth it for the views and the fresh mountain air! 🗻🏔

Toby before he got soaked! 😂


Parking is £2.50 for 2 hours or £5 for all day – as it is Snowdonia National Park it gets awfully busy so I usually make sure I’m there early so there’s still space to park!

We left this morning at about 8 and arrived for half nine ish so there was still ample parking at that time!


There is a visitors centre and facilities at the car park, Toby is forever in the debt of the lovely lady at the drinks stand today as she filled his hot water bottle up for him before we drove home to keep him toasty on the drive! 😍

It was fairly quiet today (I don’t normally see too many dogs but it can be busy with other walkers) probably down to the horrendous weather ….. Toby and I got thoroughly drenched and the wind was very chilly and strong so we weren’t the warmest!


Toby did still paddle in the lake as he can’t possibly walk past it without dipping his toes! 😂


After our two laps we were both shivering so decided a third lap was out of the question for today!

A quick hot chocolate stop from the drink stand and a fill up of Toby’s hot water bottle and we were on our way!


The entire contents of my rucksack is still soggy and is currently drying out on radiators!

Toby was in charge of carrying first aid again and the first aid kits are also suitably soggy so I think we need to invest in some rain covers for both his and my rucksacks!


We hope you’ve all had a good Saturday & hopefully you had better weather than us 😂


2 thoughts on “Another Saturday Adventure 🏔

  1. A lovely day out despite the weather – always better to be out and about than indoors whatever the day may bring! Hope you find waterproof covers for the rucksacks soon!


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