#10mountains10months – Part 1

So today was the day – part one of the 2018 challenge! We were very excited and have been looking forward to it all week!


We were eager beavers last night and made sure all the bags were packed ready and we had everything we needed!


Today we walked Mam Tor – the smallest peak on our secret list to ease ourselves into the challenge ahead!


We did a six mile route – to the top of Mam Tor and along the ridge and back to the trig point!


We parked in Mam Nick car park today (free for us as we are National Trust members but otherwise there is a small fee)

It was very foggy when we arrived and for the initial climb we couldn’t see a great deal around us – or any scenery unfortunately!


The first trig point photo (as the walk meant we passed it twice) was a super foggy one 😂 the second one was much brighter after the fog had cleared!


Thankfully as we walked it brightened up slightly (it snowed on us on one section but thankfully it didn’t stick!!)


There were a few ropey bits – which normally wouldn’t be as much of an issue but Sophie is recovering from a chest infection and I have a bad chesty cough made worse by my lovely asthma! So we didn’t sound the healthiest as we coughed and spluttered through some of the sections! 😂


Today was all about raising awareness for prevention of young Suicide and Suicide in males, Sophie was rocking her bright orange CALM vest and Toby and I donned our purple PAPYRUS attire!


Toby of course had his additional green back pack – which played a very important role today and in the 2018 challenge, Toby is our official mascot and first aid supplier for the #10mountains10months challenge!


He’s got his first aid kit in one pocket and a human first aid kit in the other! It’s important to make sure we’re prepared if something were to go wrong on one of our adventures! We wouldn’t want to be caught short so better to be prepared!


As we are doing this to raise awareness we made sure we stopped to take plenty of pictures (as you can tell) on one photo stop the lion king got the better of us and we recreated a classic pose …. Toby and Jess style! 😂


Toby draws lots of attention in his little back pack several people today admired it (one asked if we carried beer in it – I think the gentleman was disappointed when I said it had first aid 😂) and we certainly got a few smiles when people asked what he carried when we explained he was the first aider 😂


Thankfully the fog and clouds lifted for our journey back along the ridge to the car park so we got to see of the beautiful views that the Peak District has to offer!


We got talking to a few people whilst we were out and about and managed to have a chat to raise a little awareness with some fellow walkers and we also spoke to others who had personal experience with Suicide – we are so grateful to those that stopped and talked to us, this is what we want, the whole point of our challenge, we want people to openly talk about Suicide to try and help to break the stigma by even a little bit!


We stopped at The Castle for a late lunch on the way home, it was lovely! Toby made the most of the open fire 😍


Sophie and I had an amazing lunch which was just what we needed after being battered in the wind and rain! We also spent a good portion of the walk talking about what we were going to eat for pub lunch so it had a lot to live up to and boy it did!! 😍


Once again thank you so much for your support and we’ll post another #10mountains10months update in February after we complete part 2 💜


One thought on “#10mountains10months – Part 1

  1. A brilliant blog, adventure and cause thank you for sharing with us you’re making a real difference and Toby looks like an avid Explorer! X


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