Even more snow days! ❄️

We’ve had another few snowy adventure days! I’ve been off work on annual leave so have had a few more days to adventure than usual!


We headed to Lyme Park on Monday which was still covered in snow thankfully!


The plan originally was to head to the beach (birthday tradition) but I’ve seen a few reports about palm oil being present on the beach we usually frequent and didn’t want to risk it for Toby!


So a snow day seemed more appropriate and we had just as much fun!!


As we are National trust members parking is free for us at Lyme – however for non-members it is £8 per car for the day.

We had a few hours of playing in the snow before Toby got too cold and was sick of getting icicles in his feet (we had to de-ice his feet every 20 minutes or so!) he also had a minor toe related injury 😣 thankfully all seems fine with his tootsies today!!


To be on the safe side Toby donned his little Ruffwear booties whilst he supervised me de-icing the car, going round the block and getting our stuff ready to go and visit our pals at PAPYRUS to take our Christmas donation!


We had a lovely visit at Papyrus –
Toby spread Christmas cheer in his little elf number! 😂


Then to make he most of my last day of leave we went for a drink and cake at Bents Pet Place and then headed out for another frosty walk with slight dustings of snow!


A final little treat for you all! We have received our digital album from the photo shoot we attended on Friday! Here’s my little snowy skater boy! 😍


The pictures are stunning and we will drop the odd one in here and there, I can’t wait to receive the framed one next year and I can definitely recommend Jonathan Yearsley!

Thanks for reading! 💜



Christmas Markets & Snowy Days! ❄️🎅🏼

We’ve had an exciting couple of days, yesterday we went to have a photo shoot done which Toby won at the National Pet Show, which ended up being a photo shoot in the snow!

We then headed off to the pub for lunch before heading back to the studio to pick our favourite photos from the shoot!


The pictures are incredible (we haven’t got any of them yet but can’t wait until we do!)

As we don’t get much snow where we live we did detour on the way home to Loggerheads so that Toby could have a play in the snow.


He’d warmed up after our pub lunch and time in the studio so was more than happy to go for another snow play!


He had such fun as he LOVES the snow!


Loggerheads was fairly quiet as it was about 3 ish on a Friday afternoon! It made for a very peaceful and picturesque walk for me and the little dude though.


Today we were heading to the Christmas Markets with my Auntie and her little woof Marla.

Toby donned a Christmas outfit (ride on santa) for the occasion which earned him lots of funny looks!
But he was bringing festive cheer and that’s all that matters!


The weather unfortunately was diabolical – sleet and rain so we decided to head for some lunch before braving any more harsh weather!

I’d researched some dog friendly pubs/cafes before heading out so we had a few options!

Unfortunately the first option – The Pied Bull describes itself as dog friendly but only allows dogs to sit on the first table by the door, and if that table is taken you have to leave. So not really very dog friendly at all……

We found somewhere MUCH nicer though – a little cafe called Marmalade!


Which was very dog friendly, they found us a table upstairs and made big fusses of the dogs. The food was gorgeous also so I’d most certainly go there again!

The weather was still shocking so we decided to head to the Grosvenor Garden Centre instead – Christmas fill but inside 😂


We checked the website and they are also dog friendly – dogs are only not allowed in the restaurant area and the children’s play area (neither of which we wanted to visit!)


Confusingly there is a sign on the door to say only assistance dogs welcome but we checked with staff and were told it is dog friendly thank goodness!!


There were lots of super cute Christmas displays and photo opportunities!

Toby had lots of fusses and admirers partly because of his santa guest and partly because he’s gorgeous 😂


I would definitely recommend a trip to the Grosvenor Garden Centre with well behaved pups, it was lovely,  there is such a need for more dog friendly places to visit!!

Thanks for reading 😍


The Big Reveal – 2018 Challenge! 🗻⛰

So, Toby, Sophie and I are giving ourselves a personal challenge for 2018.


We have decided that as we have been affected by Suicide and have both carried out Fundraising events in aid of two Suicide prevention Charities that we would band together next year to do something bigger and better than we did previously.

54281327-6963-4214-B8E0-A8CDC842E8A9.jpegSophie on the Charity walk in Memory of Rob up Scafell Pike earlier this year.

Toby as usual is going to be our chief mascot and accompany us throughout the challenge / adventure ahead.

1DB390B7-36A8-4BEA-AE4C-BDB491DAD9FF.jpegMe, Toby and my parents after completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks in memory of Phil in the summer.

Our aim is not specifically to raise money this time but more to focus on raising awareness about young suicide, we are taking on this personal challenge in memory of Philip Martin and Robert Wharton.

C415D177-1996-4287-BE29-24C1E973B0C3.jpegSophie & Rob

F0AFE420-C687-4E16-8E11-7CC6D3C7E48A.jpegAnd my favourite picture of Phil & I.

Of course if you would like to make a donation to either charity in memory of either Rob or Phil please feel free to do so.
The Challenge for 2018 is called #10Mountains10Months & we are going to be taking on one mountain (loose term – climb is most accurate) a month for 10 months of the year in order to raise awareness for two separate charities.

6122D751-E6B9-4CEA-A018-1DDA54019FFC.jpegSophie proudly wearing her CALM top

The Charities that we are raising awareness for are CALM – Campaign against living miserably (dedicated to preventing male suicide) and PAPYRUS – Prevention of Young Suicide.

C20E30FA-57DD-4699-A4E2-AC3705D884DF.jpegToby and I wearing purple for PAPYRUS

F4DAAA58-019B-4468-A0D1-23B111C4AA8A.jpegToby with his beautiful PAPYRUS gear

We will hopefully be leaving a little something at the top of each climb in memory of Rob and Phil which will hopefully aid us in our challenge to raise as much awareness as possible.

Our Challenge will end with the biggest climb of the challenge which will be in October 2018.


Our aim is to use our challenge to raise as much awareness as possible, we have been friends for almost 24 years (I even checked this with my mum – we met at mum & tots when we were 2 and we both turn 26 a few weeks either side of the beginning of the challenge!) both of us have now been affected by Suicide, we want to try and do as much as we can to raise awareness, to make people more comfortable to talk about how they are feeling and to seek help if they need it.


We will make sure that we post updates after each climb so you can see where we have been – the list of mountains will remain a closely guarded secret!

Thank you for your support! ❤️


Getting into the Festive Spirit 🎅🏼

Today was Cheshire Dogs Home Christmas Fair, Toby and I are well and truly in the Christmas spirit already, we have been for a week or so!


Our tree is already up and we have decorated most of the downstairs into a suitably Christmassy fashion!

Whilst at the Christmas Fair Toby took his job of looking after the grotto until Santa arrived very very seriously! He of course wouldn’t want anyone from the naughty list to pinch themselves a gift!


He makes for an awfully cute Santa Paws!


We couldn’t decide on the most appropriate Christmas attire for Toby today so he had a number of outfit changes through the day 😂

It’s so hard to pick a favourite but I think at the moment his Home Alone top may be the best!


We posted on Facebook a while back that Toby was triple checker on the naughty/nice list this year for Santa, so after Santa had seen all the woofs and tiny humans today Toby nipped in to discuss the final draft of the list.
Obviously folks you still have to behave for all of December or they will have an emergency edit made!! 😂


Events at the dogs home are always fun but usually very busy and full on so Toby and I are very sleepy this evening so are having a nice relaxing evening!

Hope you’re all getting in the spirit and feeling festive! 🎅🏼


Adventure Day 02/12/17

Today we decided to go adventuring in the Peak District again, but today we went for the Monsal Trail which is the former Midland Railway Line.


It’s a nice flat route with plenty to see along the way, most of it relating to the old railway line but it makes for interesting pictures for sure!


This little old building is covered in graffiti and looks really out of place now in all the beautiful surroundings but as we witnessed today it often acts as a passage for little kids on bikes and again makes for really cool pictures!


There are also lots of little paths and trails off the main trail that we sometimes explore when we visit (depends on which car park I use) but today we just went for a straightforward there and back along the trail.


The Monsal Trail has tunnels which form part of the path which are slightly creepy but add to the fun of the walk!


Today we walked through 3 of them, all about 400m long, nice and creepy and very very cold!


The trail can be busy as it is popular with cyclists, walkers and horse riders but it depends on the day & weather etc.

Today I thought it would be busy with it being a Saturday and the weather be chilly but not rainy or miserable but it wasn’t too bad at all I saw a few people but not too many or too often!!


The route is really nice as Toby can be off lead for practically all of the walk. I do put him on lead in the tunnels as although they are lit the lighting isn’t the best and sometimes people on bikes appear out of nowhere, I’d much rather have a non-squashed Toby 😂


Today we parked at Millers Dale Station and walked towards Bakewell (I would have liked to walk all the way to Bakewell but we didn’t arrive til late morning and I didn’t want to risk having to find my car in the dark!!)

Millers Dale Station used to be the largest station on the midland railway line, having 5 platforms at one time, for those history buffs amongst us!


To park at Millers Dale is £4.50 for a full day slightly less if you pay for 4 hours (possibly £3.50 but don’t quote me!)

Toby and I walked 9 miles in total and it was a lovely crisp walk, we took lots of pretty pictures & we missed all the rain, makes for a very good Saturday if you ask me!!


Thanks for reading!