A very Muddy Adventure 🙈

Today was officially an adventure day but I still feel rotten so didn’t want to travel too far for todays adventure.


Instead we opted for something closer to home! So we went the fisherman’s car park in Kingsmead by the Weaver.

We did the loop from there to Vale Royal Abbey which was in total 7.5 miles – which I am pleased with when I spent most of the walk coughing like a goodun.


The route was exceptionally muddy!! We did it maybe a month or so ago and it was muddy but not too bad – this time is was a pure mud bath!


Which made for an interesting slightly slower (no complaints from me and my wheezy chest) walk than usual but still lots of fun.

We also stopped for a few games of fetch in the woods so Toby could have a good old run around as he sticks fairly close when walking off lead.


One section of the walk has been filled with sheep which was a pain as there has been a temporary electric fence erected around them – which you have to climb over to follow the public footpath – they have put a piece of hose over the section of the electric fence you are supposed to climb over but it didn’t fill me with confidence!


It also wasn’t a field as such – more a minefield of mud, sheep and radishes (don’t quote me on that they were weird and purpley/reddy)

By the time we’d managed that section Toby and I were both filthy! 😂


After our very very muddy walk we had a little date afternoon with the better half so we all went over to Chester for some lunch in the lovely and very dog friendly Marmalade cafe.


Toby had a little brush down and collar change before we went out as his red Christmas collar now has speckles of mud brown …. so needs a clean 😂

Toby thoroughly enjoys a good people watching / being generally nosey session whilst in the city 😂


The food is gorgeous and they are so friendly and welcoming for dogs!


We also found on this trip that they do real ice cream milkshakes which were just magic 😍


In other news we’ve got a list of things to do to get ready for our first challenge for #10mountains10months next week …. we’ve had to add washing Toby’s back pack to the top of that list 😂🙈


Hope you’ve all had a lovely Saturday!! 💚

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