Christmas and Beyond!

We hope you’ve all had a great Christmas doing whatever it is that makes you happy!!

We’ve had a lovely few days over Christmas! 🎁

Christmas Day was just me, the better half and Toby 😍 we had a lazy morning opening presents and then headed out for a Christmas walk!


Toby as usual had the biggest hoard – I’d been collecting presents for him for a while and had been stashing treats away for him for Christmas!


We headed to Teggs Nose for our Christmas walk – the weather wasn’t the best but we had fun nonetheless.


We walked around the top of the park for a change and went to the library in the landscape (forgot to write in the book though! 😂)


After our walk we headed home for Christmas dinner veggie Christmas dinner for me, but turkey and all the trimmings for Billy and Toby 🍗🥓🎅🏼


After eating far too much food we slobbed on the sofa watching Christmas films in true Christmas style!

Boxing Day we headed to Yorkshire as Billy’s niece was turning 1 🎉🎁

The drive was truly traumatic – Woodhead Pass was closed due to impassable snow and the alternative route directed us over Saddleworth Moor which was also horrendously snowy – Billy was a pro and I was a super wussy passenger 😂


Toby and his pal Hugo coped really well with the super busy house (after having a little stroll at the park to blow all the cobwebs away!!)


Then begins the Crimbo Limbo!

Today was my last day of freedom before a very short (thank goodness) 2 day week at work.

So we headed to Pennington Flash!


It was a nice enough walk – I won’t necessarily be rushing to go back but that was primarily as there were too many people for my liking.


There unfortunately were a lot of impolite dog owners who had no control of their dogs – which is a giant bug Bear of mine!

Toby is either on a lead or under close control (either a sit or wait beside me as something goes past) if I’m not sure how he’ll react I put him on lead. If there is another dog on lead I am polite and put Toby on a lead …. it isn’t too much to ask in my opinion!


It was gorgeous weather today and I would have liked to have been out for longer and do more than the 6 miles we did but sadly Billy has infected me with a chesty cough and I currently am breathing like Darth Vader and because my silly asthma means as soon as I get a chesty cough I may as well be a 127 year old man I didn’t think it was the best idea to stay out for too long!


However we had fun and that’s all that matters!! 😊

After a few hours to nap (for Toby) and for me to use one of my MANY Christmas bath bombs we had our first therapy visit after Christmas!


Toby was very excited to be back (slightly upset he didn’t see his favourite resident who always gives him a biscuit) but happy as Larry otherwise!


He met a few residents he hasn’t seen before and had a thorough sniff of all three floors to ensure that nothing Christmassy had been left behind ….


Now he’s completely zonked out having another well deserved snooze 😂

We hope you’ve all had a nice Christmas and have something fun planned for
Crimbo limbo!


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