Even more snow days! ❄️

We’ve had another few snowy adventure days! I’ve been off work on annual leave so have had a few more days to adventure than usual!


We headed to Lyme Park on Monday which was still covered in snow thankfully!


The plan originally was to head to the beach (birthday tradition) but I’ve seen a few reports about palm oil being present on the beach we usually frequent and didn’t want to risk it for Toby!


So a snow day seemed more appropriate and we had just as much fun!!


As we are National trust members parking is free for us at Lyme – however for non-members it is £8 per car for the day.

We had a few hours of playing in the snow before Toby got too cold and was sick of getting icicles in his feet (we had to de-ice his feet every 20 minutes or so!) he also had a minor toe related injury 😣 thankfully all seems fine with his tootsies today!!


To be on the safe side Toby donned his little Ruffwear booties whilst he supervised me de-icing the car, going round the block and getting our stuff ready to go and visit our pals at PAPYRUS to take our Christmas donation!


We had a lovely visit at Papyrus –
Toby spread Christmas cheer in his little elf number! 😂


Then to make he most of my last day of leave we went for a drink and cake at Bents Pet Place and then headed out for another frosty walk with slight dustings of snow!


A final little treat for you all! We have received our digital album from the photo shoot we attended on Friday! Here’s my little snowy skater boy! 😍


The pictures are stunning and we will drop the odd one in here and there, I can’t wait to receive the framed one next year and I can definitely recommend Jonathan Yearsley!

Thanks for reading! 💜



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