Christmas Markets & Snowy Days! ❄️🎅🏼

We’ve had an exciting couple of days, yesterday we went to have a photo shoot done which Toby won at the National Pet Show, which ended up being a photo shoot in the snow!

We then headed off to the pub for lunch before heading back to the studio to pick our favourite photos from the shoot!


The pictures are incredible (we haven’t got any of them yet but can’t wait until we do!)

As we don’t get much snow where we live we did detour on the way home to Loggerheads so that Toby could have a play in the snow.


He’d warmed up after our pub lunch and time in the studio so was more than happy to go for another snow play!


He had such fun as he LOVES the snow!


Loggerheads was fairly quiet as it was about 3 ish on a Friday afternoon! It made for a very peaceful and picturesque walk for me and the little dude though.


Today we were heading to the Christmas Markets with my Auntie and her little woof Marla.

Toby donned a Christmas outfit (ride on santa) for the occasion which earned him lots of funny looks!
But he was bringing festive cheer and that’s all that matters!


The weather unfortunately was diabolical – sleet and rain so we decided to head for some lunch before braving any more harsh weather!

I’d researched some dog friendly pubs/cafes before heading out so we had a few options!

Unfortunately the first option – The Pied Bull describes itself as dog friendly but only allows dogs to sit on the first table by the door, and if that table is taken you have to leave. So not really very dog friendly at all……

We found somewhere MUCH nicer though – a little cafe called Marmalade!


Which was very dog friendly, they found us a table upstairs and made big fusses of the dogs. The food was gorgeous also so I’d most certainly go there again!

The weather was still shocking so we decided to head to the Grosvenor Garden Centre instead – Christmas fill but inside 😂


We checked the website and they are also dog friendly – dogs are only not allowed in the restaurant area and the children’s play area (neither of which we wanted to visit!)


Confusingly there is a sign on the door to say only assistance dogs welcome but we checked with staff and were told it is dog friendly thank goodness!!


There were lots of super cute Christmas displays and photo opportunities!

Toby had lots of fusses and admirers partly because of his santa guest and partly because he’s gorgeous 😂


I would definitely recommend a trip to the Grosvenor Garden Centre with well behaved pups, it was lovely,  there is such a need for more dog friendly places to visit!!

Thanks for reading 😍


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