Adventure Day 02/12/17

Today we decided to go adventuring in the Peak District again, but today we went for the Monsal Trail which is the former Midland Railway Line.


It’s a nice flat route with plenty to see along the way, most of it relating to the old railway line but it makes for interesting pictures for sure!


This little old building is covered in graffiti and looks really out of place now in all the beautiful surroundings but as we witnessed today it often acts as a passage for little kids on bikes and again makes for really cool pictures!


There are also lots of little paths and trails off the main trail that we sometimes explore when we visit (depends on which car park I use) but today we just went for a straightforward there and back along the trail.


The Monsal Trail has tunnels which form part of the path which are slightly creepy but add to the fun of the walk!


Today we walked through 3 of them, all about 400m long, nice and creepy and very very cold!


The trail can be busy as it is popular with cyclists, walkers and horse riders but it depends on the day & weather etc.

Today I thought it would be busy with it being a Saturday and the weather be chilly but not rainy or miserable but it wasn’t too bad at all I saw a few people but not too many or too often!!


The route is really nice as Toby can be off lead for practically all of the walk. I do put him on lead in the tunnels as although they are lit the lighting isn’t the best and sometimes people on bikes appear out of nowhere, I’d much rather have a non-squashed Toby 😂


Today we parked at Millers Dale Station and walked towards Bakewell (I would have liked to walk all the way to Bakewell but we didn’t arrive til late morning and I didn’t want to risk having to find my car in the dark!!)

Millers Dale Station used to be the largest station on the midland railway line, having 5 platforms at one time, for those history buffs amongst us!


To park at Millers Dale is £4.50 for a full day slightly less if you pay for 4 hours (possibly £3.50 but don’t quote me!)

Toby and I walked 9 miles in total and it was a lovely crisp walk, we took lots of pretty pictures & we missed all the rain, makes for a very good Saturday if you ask me!!


Thanks for reading!


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