Schnauzer Saturday!

Today we went for a play date with Toby’s lady friends Esme and Greta who are beautiful miniature schnauzers 😍


Without fail however the weather is always horrendous whenever Toby and his lady friends try to have a play date! It is kind of handy as this little group of friends are a little on the antisocial side  they (much like me) like their own space! 😂


We went to visit Gus and Bear first thing as they were having their salon opening, the woofers got given celebration cake and a tour of the shop & Salon which was beautiful, lots of beautiful collars and leads (I managed to keep away from that temptation …. 😂) tonnes of food, toys and treats and comfy beds to try ☺️


We’d thoroughly recommend going for a little mooch and shopping experience!


Toby made friends with the very handsome Poodle Alan and also met Elsa (pawsacrossBritain) from Instagram – we didn’t get a photo of Elsa unfortunately!


Once we (humans) had a good mooch around the shop and the pups had sniffed every inch to their hearts content we made our purchases and headed back to the peaks & snow for our adventure!


We headed to Mam Tor (interesting choice in the snow) making sure we used the correct car park this time! Which I’m very very glad about as I’m not sure my car would have made it up Winnats Pass in the snow/sludge 😩


We had a fairly short walk whilst at Mam Tor – we got to the top and were literally being blown off our feet! It was so windy and so cold! The path was also super slippy as it was compacted snow and sludge! We took the woofs to a section out of the wind so they could have a run around in the snow!!


After a good old run around the woofs and us were feeling very cold so headed back to the car to warm up and head back for a hot drink!


I think I would have enjoyed the snow more if my wellies didn’t have a giant hole in so I could have waded more than walking boots allowed and we weren’t being blown away but as always the woofs had fun and it was lovely to have a catch up with their human! ❤️


Toby is having a well deserved snooze now, catching up on his sleep before heading to work with me tomorrow!

Hope you’ve all had a fun filled Saturday 🤓


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