Happy Hump Day! 🐪

Today I was off work so Toby and I had a midweek adventure to look forward to!

It’s been really nice having Wednesday off, felt like a super short week and back in tomorrow for 2 days before my next adventure day!


Today’s adventure was to Dovedale in the Peak District.
We did the Dovedale to Milldale walk which is about 6 miles in total.


It’s a gorgeous walk, I have to say I much preferred it today as there were less people about, the last time I went was a Saturday and it was very busy!


The stepping stones are of course amazing and it was lovely to be able to get some photos done there today without having to worry about holding up other walkers!


The walk follows the River Dove from the Dovedale car park into Milldale.


There are a few sections that are uphill (but nothing major) the walk for the most part is fairly flat and other than a section at the beginning and a short section at the end is great to let woofers off lead (well behaved woofs of course 😋) it’s also a great walk as no map or route plan is really needed! You just follow the river 😂


Today the weather was a touch moody but we didn’t get rained on! It looked like there had been a lot of rain however as the river had burst its banks in place – I discovered quite unfortunately that my welly has a hole in the bottom today …. so I have had a rather soggy foot for 6 miles 😂


Toby had a whale of a time, other than the two short sections where there is livestock he was having fun off-lead most of the time so he got to paddle, climb and pee up things to his hearts content!


We also spied some caves on the route (we didn’t explore as I am a wuss – but next time the better half comes out to play I’ll make him be my escort into the caves 😂)


If you fancy a fairly easy walk in the Peak District we’d recommend giving this a go! It’s just over an hour away for me in the car (slightly longer today as the Sat Nav had her own agenda) and costs £3.00 to park the car all day.
There are toilets at the car park too but they cost 20p a visit!



Thanks for reading – hope you all had a happy hump day! ❤️

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