Adventure Day ⛰

Today was this weeks adventure day as I’m working both days at the Dogs Home this weekend!

We decided we would head to Kinder Scout ⛰


If you’ve never done the walk at Kinder I highly recommend it, we usually do the Hayfield to Kinder Downfall Walk.


I sometimes chop and change the route however as I’m a wuss and am petrified of Cows! So if it’s just me and Toby we usually do an alternative route to avoid the cow field 👍🏼


Today we didn’t go all the way to the Downfall however as the weather on the ridge wasn’t the best and it was super misty, which although was a sensible choice is a shame as I LOVE the Downfall! ❤️

Toby as always was a super mountain goat, he always finds good paths to follow on the difficult sections!


The climb up Kinder is so fun lots of cris crossing over the stream and climbing up rocky sections, one section is climbing up a rocky stream which is loads of fun …. even though a touch slippy 😂

Once you get to the ridge the views are incredible!


We came down the wussy way today to avoid any cows (if we’d have carried on to the Downfall we’d have had to go through the big scary cow field) even though it was the wussy way it was still a challenge (we didn’t fall though! Points to me and the little dude!)


After adventure day we had another fun evening at Training – it was the last Talent Taster session today, Toby learnt how to roll out the carpet (preferably a red one) and took on the maze challenge – I can’t attach a video on here sadly but I’ll pop one on my Facebook for anyone who is intrigued 😂


Hope you all have a fun filled weekend! 🖤



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