This is Halloween

Happy Halloween friends!
Hope you all have your trick or treating outfits sorted and of course your Halloween film of choice! There is disagreement in our household, I love Nightmare before Christmas and the other half votes Hocus Pocus every time!

Toby is looking forward to donning one of his four potential outfits to help answer the door to trick or treaters this evening!


Other than Toby we are unprepared, the better half still needs to carve his pumpkin and I have a tiny squash to carve 🎃
We also need to decorate the kitchen window in a super spooky manner!
And we need to do a sweetie run!!


Toby got into the Halloween spirit a few weeks ago when we attended the Dogs Home Spooky Woodland Walk… but I’m a wuss so we didn’t brave going into the woods where the scary folk were hidden!
It’s run every year so if you are looking for a dog friendly Halloween event, keep checking with the dogs home for next years date! There is usually a dog show, a disco and much more!


I am lucky with Toby that he doesn’t mind being dressed up, so we can get fully into the swing of Halloween, Christmas etc.

He also LOVES the tiny folk so hopefully he’ll have lots of fun answering the door to them this evening!



Let us know which is your favourite Toby Halloween outfit in the comments 😘

Happy Halloween Folks!! 🎃

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