Adventure Equipment!

For our adventure equipment – we are big fans of Ruffwear

So Toby has 4 Ruffwear harnesses
– 2 Webmaster
– 1 Front Range
– 1 Approach Pack (his backpack!)

We also have two leads from Ruffwear (our standard adventure leads)

It’s safe to say we are big fans!

They make the most amazing adventure proof equipment!

So they aren’t cheap, but they are amazing quality and human adventure equipment isn’t cheap so I’d expect no less from dog adventure gear!

Toby’s first Webmaster (Red) has been going strong for 5 ish years now, and has been on countless adventures!

We only purchased a second Webmaster (Blue) as the colours were updated (and were super pretty) and Toby deserved a treat before he his biggest adventure – doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks!


I originally purchased a Webmaster to help Toby on our adventures as after his back injury when he was younger I have to be careful what he goes down (nothing too steep) and Webmaster Harnesses have a useful handle on the back, meaning I could lift him easily if I needed to carry him down a steep sections on our adventures.

The Webmaster is also a great harness for escape artist Dogs as they have an extra strap under the belly making them difficult to slip out of!

The Front Range is more of an everyday kind of harness (still adventure proof of course!) it doesn’t have a handle so I tend not to use it on huge adventures.


The Front Range has the clip section at the front so is a good one for training loose lead walking, with the two clip points! The Front Range comes in the biggest range of colours and is a gorgeous looking harness and as I say really practical too!

And now to our newest and favourite ….
Toby’s Approach Pack.


This was one of Toby’s birthday presents this year (8th birthday) the reason behind this purchase are as a result of our summer adventure – walking the Yorkshire Three Peaks.
Toby has never been as fit and lean as he was after all the training we were doing for the Yorkshire Three Peaks, fair enough really as we were walking 18 miles most weekends of the summer.

When he had his checkup at the vets before doing the 25 mile walk they were amazed with the condition he was in, how good his joints and muscles were doing, so I started looking into ways to keeping Toby as trim and fit as he was.

The Approach Pack is a front loaded harness (so no strain to his old injury) and is the same design as the Webmaster, just with the added width of the pockets.
Toby has been wearing a Webmaster for 5 ish years so the style of the backpack is perfect for him and causes him no bother!


Toby started wearing the pack completely empty to get him used to the extra width and then slowly increased to a tennis ball in each pocket, then 2 in each pocket then empty 33cl water bottles. At the moment he has the water bottles in less than a half full (I don’t recommend walking next to him if you need a wee, you can just hear sloshing water constantly 😂)

I’ve consulted with my vet about all of this and the amount he’d eventually be carrying and they are more than happy with the use of the pack to keep him super fit.

At his last check up they were again amazed at the condition he is in for his age!

We highly recommend Ruffwear Products and if you are looking for doggy adventure equipment I would give their website a look!!

See you all soon!! 🐶🐾

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