Monday is Toby Therapy Day

On a Monday Toby visits Lostock Lodge a local residential home.
Lostock Lodge is a fairly new home, it opened in January 2017 and provides residential and Dementia care.


Toby and I have been visiting the home since August this year. Toby is a therapy dog with the Charity Therapy Dogs Nationwide.

Therapy Dogs Nationwide is a fairly new charity and has been run since 2016, it is run entirely by volunteers.
They have two main services, visiting Dogs and Paws and Read.
In order for a dog to become a Therapy Dog they must pass a temperament assessment to make sure they are suitable to visit and it’s something they would enjoy of course!

At the moment Toby and I just visit the local home, hopefully once we have volunteered for a while we may branch out into the Paws and Read programme, which is more aimed at schools (Toby is a BIG fan of tiny human folk so would no doubt love this!!)


Toby has quite a few fans at the home (naturally) and as we have been visiting for some time now there are some residents who really look forward to seeing Toby each Monday and greet him with a giant fuss 😍 and the odd one who smuggles him shortbread biscuits!

It’s really nice to see the residents build up a relationship with him, he absolutely loves seeing them (to the point that when we do a road walk last thing at night he likes to pull towards the home each time we pass it! 😂)

This is one thing I regret not doing earlier with Toby, he was assessed when he was much younger but wasn’t ready for it as he was too giddy, then sadly my life, Uni and work got in the way and I didn’t get him reassessed for another 6 or so years.

It’s so rewarding for Toby and I and I hope to be visiting for a long while. He definitely brightens up my days so it’s nice to see him have such a positive effect on others too!


Hope you all had a happy Monday!

See you all soon! X




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