National Trust Day Out

Today’s day out!

Our National Trust passes have finally arrived and so we went for our first official National Trust day out! (We had a National trust day out last week with my better half – but no passes mean not officially official! 😋)

We decided on Lyme Park 🐾


So for all you folks that aren’t National Trust members should note that it’s £8.00 per car to park.
However if you are planning on a day full of adventure it’s worth it!

There are lots of walks around the grounds, usually you are given a map of the grounds on entry – which is very helpful, unless you aren’t very good at maps like me! I just tend to wing it and go with the adventure pup where he fancies! 😂
For those of you with woofs the lovely National Trust warden sometimes has a little present for them 🐶

We were there for about 2 hours today, we explored some areas we’ve been previously and found a path we haven’t walked before, which meant we could go round the back of the house and see some of the gardens which we have never done!


I found out today that the second weekend of each month is “dog day” in the garden (free for National Trust members) so we will definitely try that in the next few months!

Toby made sure he went in as many puddles as possible to make up for the fact he was bathed yesterday before his groom!


I would highly recommend a walk up to the Cage whilst at Lyme Park, and of course keep your eyes peeled for the deer! We didn’t do either today but that was more as we only had a short trip today, there’s always next time!!

If anyone has any other National Trust recommendations (Dog Friendly of course) please let me know!

That’s all for now!

See you all soon!


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